“tomorrow Will Be A Good Day”

In the famous words of Sir Captain Tom Moore, who has inspired us all in 2020, we have adopted the slogan above as our catchphrase for our future vision of the property market.

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Property of The Month Dastardly Deeds Done In The Dark

From the 13th to the 17th century the Border Reivers would have made life challenging as Heaton was well outside the city walls. The 19th century would have seen footpads, cut-purses and mountebanks lurking in the hedgerows. And now comes a wave of crime that has landlords, managing agents and tenants gnashing their teeth in rage. Binjacking. Yes, the theft…

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Issue 64

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North East Financier Named National Cash Management Woman Of The Year

Issue 64

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The Artist’s Year

Issue 64

Here at Mary Ann Rogers Gallery we are wearing an extra jumper and crunching through fallen leaves to get to the door. The days seem ridiculously short and any exercise must be taken before night falls at about 4.30pm these days. There is no shortage of things to do after dark in the run up to Christmas though! Our Christmas print and gift catalogue is now sitting on kitchen tables all round the UK, and people are choosing beautiful, luxury and quirky gifts for loved ones. We offer a wrap and ship option this year, making life easier for may people who just can’t get out, or find shopping and visiting post offices just too tricky. We source most of our gift ideas in the UK, where covid has created some desperate times in some workplaces. Staff numbers have been cut to as low as 60% to ensure social distancing,…


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