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Here at Northern Insight Magazine, we have all the latest North East arts news to keep you in the loop with everything that is going on, or coming up, across the region. From celebrity pop star tours, to musical and theatre announcements and let’s not forget some of the fine examples of northern artists – you can be rest assured that you won’t miss out on anything happening in the world of art.

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The Artist’s Year

Issue 62

Here at Mary Ann Rogers gallery the staff are back to their normal hours, their children back at school, and everyone round here is busy preparing for the autumn lamb sales, which are no sooner over, than, it seems the tups (rams) are put out into the fields and another year begins! We are busy designing the Christmas catalogue, which will be stuffed with new print and gift ideas, featuring many of the new paintings from this very strange year, including cattle, oriental poppies, landscapes, guinea fowl and much more. Lockdown created an unusually quiet and peaceful time for painting without the usual interruptions of exhibitions, gallery visitors, trade shows as well as social and family get-togethers which only happened via facetime or zoom! The daily ‘Live’ facebook videos have had to be cut back, as life has gradually filled up with work and fun activities. Now we are back…


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