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Predicting The Driving Tests Of The Future

Issue 99

While breakthroughs in technology continue to influence the driving experience, many young drivers may be imagining what the driving tests of the future will look like. Recent driving test changes have included chunks of ‘independent driving’, new driving test manoeuvres and updated ‘show me, tell me’ questions in line with modern car interiors. But how will the driving test continue to evolve? Well, we can expect to see an emphasis on electric vehicles, increasing automation and perhaps even the driverless car. Luxury car retailer, Jardine Motors, peer into the future and imagine how driving tests will change across time – with a little help from AI. Electric cars – a silent revolution? The gentle hum of an EV’s battery pack is arguably as aspirational to the modern consumer today as the petrol-spluttering roar of the V8 engine in the sports cars of yesteryear. However, with the Government expected to phase…


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