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Cat Gets Claws Clipped

Issue 67

Jaguar has recently unveiled its latest F-Type. Externally there is very little to tell between this latest F-Type and the outgoing model…which is a good thing. Imagine our disappointment therefore when we asked Jaguar if we could borrow one and were told that they’d be sending us one with a measly 2.0 litre engine under the bonnet. The V6 engine has been dropped from the latest range of F’s, meaning you can now choose either coupe or convertible body styles with a 2.0 4-cylinder powerplant or a thumping 5.0 litre V8 with either 444bhp or 567bhp on tap. In comparison, the 2.0 engine churns out 296bhp. Every F-type comes with an auto ‘box. All-wheel drive is available with the 5.0 litre units. Okay, so you’d imagine that there is no contest between the 2.0 and 5.0 litre cars…but you’d be wrong. While the bigger engines use a supercharger, the 2.0…


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