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Dacia Duster Cleans Up

Issue 73

The Dacia Duster is one of the company’s top sellers and has carved out an army of loyal followers. If you take a ride up to the Borders or Dales, you’ll see dozens of them. Bearing in mind that you can also get a 4×4 Duster, it’s easy to see why they’re popular in areas where roads can get a bit tricky during winter. If you need a proper workhorse, the Dacia Duster is a pretty good place to start looking. And now there’s a brand new one which has just arrived on our shores. Bearing in mind that the entry level Dacia Duster comes in at £13,995, you end up with roomy five-door SUV which will easily seat five adults for the same price as a small city car. If you compare like for like with prices of other chunky SUVs, you’ll discover that buying a Duster will save…

Motors / Insight

Mokka The Most Of It

Issue 71

Motors / Insight

She’s Electric

Issue 70


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