Feng Shui Your Office With Artwork

Issue 16

Feng Shui is more than 3,500 years old and originates from Chinese Astronomy. One of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics it brings together the 'invisible forces' that bind the universe together: Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, and Wood, otherwise known as 'qi'.

It was typically used for spiritually significant buildings, such as tombs and spiritual buildings, and in the 1960s it was suppressed in mainland China during the Cultural Revolution.

However, today it gains in popularity in the modern world Ð with a split between those who follow it and those who don’t.

I come from a family who are very down to earth, so I naturally struggled to believe in this ‘nonsense’.

I don’t know whether it works as such, but having Feng Shui’d my own office recently I do know that it looks fabulous and it feels right.

If you haven’t tried it yourself, try it with just one room. It will cost you very little as you will no doubt already have the five elements somewhere in your house, and just stand back and admire your work!

From an art point of view, we can help with any of the elements, or a mixture of the elements. It all depends on the purpose of the painting and the element you are trying to have as a focus.

For instance, if you are a dentist you will probably want the relaxing element of water or earth as your focal point, rather than fire!

If you are in a sales team where you need your staff to be full of energy and focus, it would work the other way around. A large focal piece of artwork or series of artworks throughout your office, with the appropriate colours can help to make you, your staff, and your clients feel how you would like them to feel – and the team at Commission an Artist can help you all the way.

The Feng Shui colours are:

Fire: red, orange, purple, pink, yellow. Use Fire to provide energy and help you to achieve recognition in your industry.

Water: blue and black. Water is for abundance, calmness, purity, and freshness.

Wood and Earth: brown, green, beige, light yellow. Wood symbolises growth, vitality, health, wealth and prosperity.

Metal: white and grey. Use Metal to provide efficiency, clarity, and focus in your office.

Having done it myself, I do actually feel as the old masters would have us believe. It has harmonized my environment and I feel very positive about my work. Whether that has come from the Feng Shui or other aspects in my life I’m not so sure Ð the jury is still out. However, the room looks very professional, yet with my own personal touches and I love my new office!

Helen Johnson, Commission an Artist.

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