Record Of The Month - The Beatles 'live At The Hollywood Bowl'

Issue 16

Recorded over three shows in 1964 and ’65 at the height of Beatlemania, this live album is yet another reminder of just how good The Beatles really were. 17 tracks in length, the record coincides with the release of The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years, Academy Award-winner Ron Howard’s authorized documentary feature film about the band’s early career and life on the road. Live at Hollywood Bowl perfectly captures the humour, raucous energy and musical dexterity that characterised their live shows and the subsequent pandemonium that ensued in the crowd because of it. The excitement provoked by the band has been preserved yet thankfully a lot of the shrieking has been tuned down meaning the band can be listened to clearly and at volume. Music producing maestro Giles Martin, who has very much picked up where his late father George left off, has expertly remastered the tracks at Abbey Road Studios and the recordings demonstrate the connection between band and audience. A true testament to their live act prowess and a must for any Beatles fan. The Fab Four fly again!!

"More than just a theatre"

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