Talking Tech And Digital

Issue 76

This month we talk to... JACK PULLEIN AND JAMES McLOUGHLIN, Technology Solutions Consultants

What attracted you to your current role?

JACK: I knew the role would offer me the opportunity to interact with and help so many different businesses across every sector. I chose Synergi as they offered a unique, allencompassing stack of digital solutions including managed IT services, cloud solutions and Microsoft Dynamics via our brand, Unifi. I was also attracted to the culture within Synergi, it was clear from my first day that the relationships between Synergi, its staff and customers come above anything else. This ethos combined with the ability to help companies grow through technology makes it a very rewarding place to work.

How important has Technology been during the Coronavirus pandemic?

JAMES: Technology has been a saviour to many, if not almost all businesses throughout the pandemic. Modern cloud technology is revolutionising the way in which we work, the opportunity for change has never been greater and affordable to all businesses regardless of size. Whether it’s been an organisation-wide transformation to the digital world or the wider adoption of the Microsoft Office 365 platform to ensure collaboration and productivity to name a few, its clear technology is playing an integral part in business empowerment and success. Synergi has helped our customers navigate technology throughout the pandemic, and continues to do so into 2022 and beyond.

What tips would you give to someone looking to work in the industry?

JACK: I would certainly recommend the technology and IT sector to anyone. It is an exciting time to be in this industry with the real breadth of innovative solutions that are available to truly help and empower businesses and their employees to work more effectively and efficiently. Synergi offers a fantastic graduate scheme and career progression across all departments – check out our website for current opportunities!

Tell us the most exciting thing you’re currently working on?

JACK: One of the most exciting projects I am currently working on is putting a plan together for a business which has had minimal to no technology or innovation spend over the last decade. As a result, it has been exciting to be able to go and demonstrate the variety of solutions the organisation could potentially adopt, many of which they didn’t know were possible or as easy and ‘hassle free’ to switch to before they reached out to Synergi. The opportunity is huge for businesses to transform in 2022. We are introducing ourselves to organisations in the region who are looking to modernise, empower their staff and streamline their proccesses and operations. We’re taking the time to listen, understand pain points and ambitions to really make a difference to our existing and new customers. We’re keen to make more new connections and help educate organisations across the North East as the year progresses.

Which technologies should businesses consider in 2022?

JAMES: Keeping people connected, empowering collaboration, and ensuring productivity is crucial as we continue to navigate hybrid and remote working styles. We often speak about ‘the modern workplace’ which involves embracing technology to work together in an open and productive digital environment. I think organisations should be considering Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, adopting intranets for news and document sharing to name but a few. Cyber security is also really a hot topic at the moment and one to put high on the agenda in 2022. Our highly accredited managed services experts are helping lots of customers to improve security to the necessary levels.

What are your remaining career aspirations?

JACK: My aspirations going forward are to continue to grow our client base and Synergi. I have been shocked since joining at the number of businesses held back and restricting their growth through failing to adopt new technology and often due to a lack of understanding and awareness. So my aspiration would be to inform and advise more of these businesses and help them grow and develop.

What piece of technology would you be lost without?

JAMES: I think I would be lost without my phone and laptop as these are the devices that keep me connected wherever I am. As you’d expect as a Microsoft Gold Partner, we utilise the full Microsoft environment and have a fantastic digital workplace for keeping the team connected and secure which is great for remote working. Who are your heroes and mentors? JACK: This is a tough one. I have always been inspired by entrepreneurs, people who have had an idea or a passion and have built something from nothing. I think that is why this job and the ability to help business grow and reach their potential was so appealing that you can be a small part of that company’s journey and watch them grow.

When not working, how do you like to relax?

JAMES: I’m a big fitness fanatic, some may not see it as relaxing, but I like to keep myself occupied by going to the gym. JACK: In my spare time away from work I like to relax by watching and playing sport. From playing and refereeing rugby to coaching football nearly all my spare time is spent doing some form of sport.

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