Volvo Is A Premier League Player

Issue 71

Volvo is now a premium brand manufacturer. Their cars are loaded with safety kit, they are well equipped and all are comfortable and good to drive. There's a serious sense of quality throughout their product range. They're smartly designed and have a definite sense of style.

Safety has always been a key word for Volvo. When they launched their latest, it was instantly named best-performing car in the prestigious Euro NCAP safety awards. It proved that the Volvo XC60 is not only one of the safest cars Volvo has ever produced, it is one of the safest cars currently available…. anywhere. The XC60 is a huge favourite amongst UK motorists. £42,085 gets you into an XC60. If you want 0-60 performance in just 5.1 seconds, go for the T8 petrol hybrid model…more about that shortly. Most buyers will opt for the excellent B4 194bhp diesel which achieves a lively 0-60 in 7.8 seconds and a top speed of 112mph. You’ll manage up to 44.8mpg. These are impressive figures for what is a chunky car. Every XC60 comes with all-wheel drive and an automatic gearbox. The all-wheel drive has a double bonus; it helps with traction when cornering in dry or wet conditions, and in poor weather it will be a boon for anyone living out in the sticks. It will also cross rough or boggy ground and happily haul a horsebox across a field or reverse a boat into a lake. The XC60 is a handsome beast. It’s also roomy and extremely comfortable. And if you go for the T8 version you end up with a really quick SUV. The way it launches from a standstill is staggering for a vehicle that weighs over two tonnes. The handling is fantastic. This car has been tuned by Polestar which is Volvo’s performance arm. There’s a 2.0 litre 316bhp petrol engine which powers the front wheels and an 86bhp battery powered electric motor which powers the rear wheels. This gives a total output of 402bhp. Wow. The T8 is a PHEV…plug-in hybrid electric vehicle…which means you can charge the battery. This allows you to travel for 31 miles on electric power only and gives you the potential for incredible economy. Volvo reckon 113mpg. However, this is only if you can run for most of the time on battery power alone….which is unlikely. The ride is on the firm side, which isn’t surprising bearing in mind the amount of power on tap. Air suspension certainly helps. Every XC60 comes with leather upholstery, heated seats, sat nav, air con and an incredible list of safety equipment to keep you, your passengers and pedestrians protected. In a nutshell, the Volvo XC60 is safe, oozes quality, is stacked with standard equipment, and is comfy and good to drive. And if you go for the T8 version you get an SUV with sports car performance. Great car.

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