Interview | Martyn Tenant

Your Eye On The Region

Issue 28

Did you grow up in the North East or decide to relocate here in later life? Born and bred in County Durham! What is your favourite aspect of business life in the North East? The fact that it feels like a local community with lots of mutual respect amongst business leaders. You can see how collaborative people are for the greater good of the region.

Do you have a favourite hotspot for a business meeting? Finbarr’s at Aykley Heads. It’s right next door to our office, serves brilliant food and happens to be owned by one of our clients, so it ticks all the boxes.

Where do you like to eat out in the North East? Since having our two children I’m a bit out of touch with eating out. Prior to their arrival, we really enjoyed visiting an array of restaurants. However, I do have a close affinity with the Pavilion Restaurant in Iveston. I grew up in the village and I’m moving back there and the first job I had was working at the Pavilion.

You can see how collaborative people are for the greater good of the region

Martyn Tenant

Where do you like to unwind in the North East? I like to be with the family in Durham. Sometimes with the younger children anywhere out the house helps you to unwind – even a drive in the car! If I do find I have some spare time, I love to visit the Northumberland coastline.

Are the people really friendlier? Absolutely, they all pass the elevator test. By that I mean, if you run for a lift in the North East people will do anything to keep the door open for you. In my experience, this tends not to happen in other regions of the country.

What is your favourite view in the North East? The view of Durham City when you arrive by train back to the station. Do you think living and working in the North East offers the same opportunity as elsewhere in the UK? Having grown up here and built my career here I would very much like to say yes, but sadly I don’t think that this is true for everyone. Hopefully, however, it’s something that can be rectified in time.

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