Tis The Season By Mary Ann Rogers

Issue 97

Short days, long nights, waiting for the winter equinox and the balance to begin to tip the other way.

In the meantime, the pre Christmas fever is upon us all here at Mary Ann Rogers Gallery. Orders for everything from paintings and prints to calendars and cards are being packed up and shipped out every day.

Occasionally things go wrong and parcels go astray, which creates intense anxiety here as everyone does their utmost to give the best customer service possible, but sometimes events beyond our control can cause disappointment. Today was one of those days, but by the end of the day, the magical email arrived from the customer ‘Its arrived!’- huge sighs of relief from us!

Under the watchful eyes of the sheep in the adjacent field, also the sneaky guinea fowl who appear out of nowhere, observing everything that goes on in the studio, very little painting takes place in these few frantic weeks before Christmas. Visitors to the gallery open days create amusement, and anything new or unusual sets off the guinea fowl, who make the most tremendous squawking, and sometimes fly up into the branches of the nearby trees, feigning terror.

Endless rain has made the river slightly change the shape of the bank at our regular swimming ‘get in’ spot. All the ‘treasures’ collected over the year and placed in the little metal bowl attached to the side of my changing seat have been lifted up and washed away by the floods. Our treasures include river smoothed pieces of china and glass mostly, also freshwater mussel shells and any interesting stones picked up. The water is flowing high and fast all the time now, and river swims are out of bounds for the time being. Maybe when the colder stiller weather comes there will be a crust of ice to break through before taking a short swim.

Here’s to a great Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Mary Ann Rogers Gallery • West Woodburn, Hexham NE48 2SE.

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