Scars Do Heal A Young Child’s Battle For Survival (optimalpath Publishing) By Káyọ̀dé Akínrọ́pò

Issue 88

I wrote this fiction in order to deal with stories that have occupied my mind for a very long time and also for entertainment. I want people to specifically see an African world view from different perspectives considering the bad ways Black Africans are being portrayed.

I am an authentic African writer who has lived both in the African and western worlds all my life. So far, I have noted there is a regrettable dearth of African literature in most libraries in the western world despite the fact that there are millions of BAME people all over the globe. No wonder Black people are judged most often on race or colour even till date.

I set out to speak to a global audience of Blacks and non-Blacks, their children and their future generations on the importance of knowing a set of people’s social and racial origins. This is because stories matter and details also matter. Since literature is reflective of people’s lives’ struggle, aspirations and victories, readers, who are not Africans especially, reading about struggle, survival, forgiveness, love, unfairness, custom and culture in my novel, will try to understand my point of view and my innermost thoughts as I take them to a world – African world – where they do dream to be but cannot. Various characters and scenes through the well-structured story plot will make them think, wonder and come to individual conclusions.

Paperback and kindle editions are being sold on Amazon. I sell autographed copy/copies to people living in the United Kingdom for £8.99 excluding the postage. Our sales representatives in Nigeria are in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Oṣogbo and Ilobu. Kindly leave your comments on Amazon.

You can connect with me on social media @ Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and twitter.

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