How To Avoid Burnout As An Entrepreneur - By Bethany Ainsley

Issue 89

Life as an entrepreneur can feel like 100-miles an hour. There is always something else to be done to keep the business thriving, and the constant pressure to perform well can become overwhelming and stressful. Many business owners avoid taking time away from work to recharge in fear that their business will suffer in their absence.

I’m a corporate wellbeing specialist, coach and entrepreneur, and throughout my career I have seen the effects of stress on people of all backgrounds and sectors, but most tangibly in entrepreneurs. For more than fifteen years my team and I have committed to providing services that have helped thousands of people improve their health and wellbeing and escape the creep of stress and burnout, and we have won several awards for it. Currently I am CEO of OptiMe, a software solution to support businesses with employee mental health and wellbeing.

If you can relate to the feeling of stress drawing you to overcommit to work, it’s important to remember that fatigue can lead to poor decision making, low mood, irritability and illness, which can ultimately have a negative effect on both work and home life.

The way that stress can creep up on you is incredibly dangerous. It can be all too easy to get used to being stressed as it starts to become familiar and even normal. The worrying thing is that you might not even notice how much it’s affecting you and the heavy toll it’s taking. That’s why it’s important to take stock and recognise any warning signs and symptoms of stress overload.

The signs and symptoms of stress can present themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and in how we behave. Begin by taking notice of what your signs and symptoms are. When you’re feeling stressed it’s important to understand what the route cause could be.

A heavy workload, long hours, poor work-life balance, feeling a lack of control or dealing with a situation that’s emotionally draining are a few examples. The next stage is identifying what these are and how these can be addressed.

My new book, Don’t Burn Out, Stand Out, explores the PROSPER model, the seven key components needed for balancing health, wellbeing, and work. Incorporating reflective practices and referencing a variety of wellbeing theories and techniques, the book will guide you towards achieving enhanced wellbeing for greater productivity and overall happiness, steering you away from potential burnout. If you’d like to achieve your greatest ambition without the sacrifice of your health, wellbeing or relationships then this book is for you.

By the end of the book, you will feel emboldened and empowered to structure your working day and week in the most efficient way, enabling you to reap the rewards for your business, but also for your health, wellbeing and relationships – no longer will ‘burnout’ be a barrier to your success!

Don’t Burn Out, Stand Out is available on Amazon and in all good bookstores.

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