Review For Living In A Void By Ibrahim Olawale

Issue 74

Over the last two years, people’s experiences and perceptions have been changed hugely with everyday life challenged to the hilt. Authors have taken to writing about the unprecedented experience and reactions, none less that Ibrahim Olawale with his aptly titled book, Living In A Void: How the Coronavirus Pandemic Affected our lives.

Tom Anthony, frontline care worker, is one of the first to read the release and shares his thoughts here on the book that is positioned to help readers understand how to go through different stages of life with loved ones, whilst understanding the new norm and trends brought about by the pandemic.

“Reading the opening chapter was like going back in time, a stark reminder of where the world changed from. Clearly written, focusing on fact, not emotion, the author rounds up the first months of 2020 succinctly and with a clarity that some of us may have forgotten in the ensuing months and years. He touches on world-wide theories, scientific facts, timelines and statistics.”

“Working in a hospital myself, it is refreshing to read such a factual account, written so clearly, even on the medical facts. The author clearly did his research and remained stoic in his attempt to write a good unbiased account that will teach generations to come in a responsible and respectable way. Supported by clearly documented stats from sources across the world, the author looks at the way the ‘cure’ was brought about and the impact on humanity suffering a lockdown to beat the virus and keep generations safe.”

“Quoting the World Health Organisation and world leaders, the writings are so accountable, but what is really impressive is how Olawale displays a complete empathy for the feelings of fear, tension, loneliness and the personal challenges every different individual had to face.”

“Moving onto relationships and what they mean to humans and life, Olawale breaks down the barriers to what each person craves and naturally needs. And on the voids that start to appear when those options are taken away, resulting in a downward spiral in mental and emotional wellbeing. The descriptions of what are void are and how they translate into our six basic emotional needs really resonated with me, from not just what I experienced but what I witnessed others go through.

“The deeper exploration made me re-evaluate my own and my family’s response during the pandemic, and I found us to be not lacking in similar impacts. It was actually very reassuring and cathartic to read. Quotes from experts I had not seen before also compounded that feeling.

“Touching on how we have dealt with filling the void ourselves shows the negative impact these times have had on the wellbeing of many, but the way Olawale follows it up with how to best face the void turns the book into a self-help, advice and guidance manual. That void is not lifted for many yet, even with the relaxation of lockdown and vaccine roll out, so the tips from confession to scheduling, to self-care are a great tick list for simply healthy living. “Tips throughout the book keep coming, on improving family bonds, improving love, staying positive and even spicing up your sex life (I read this one a few times!)

“His exploration of family situations makes this book relatable to all, of all ages, and the factual acceptance of the negative effects normalises the challenges such as loss of income, mental health and domestic violence that many may not have been comfortable to discuss at the time.

“The author even looks at the challenge which has become ongoing–remote working, digital use and social media. And not positioning it all negatively, as he also discussed our improved communication skills.

“It’s a mixed book of an emotional ride. Recapping, covering hard subjects such as death and mental health, but it is also a refreshing look at what happened with tips on how to deal with it.

“A definite read for anyone who hasn’t laid to rest or fully faced up to 2020 and 2021. Or anyone who just wants to make the most of life moving on from the pandemic. My advice: get a copy today!”

Living in A Void: How the Coronavirus Pandemic Affected our lives by Ibrahim Olawale is available in paperback or on kindle from Amazon.

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