Luscious Lips For Valentines

Issue 56

As Valentine’s Day approaches, salons and beauty experts offering lip enhancement are gearing up to be inundated with requests for luscious lips….

However, a new aesthetics company in Whitley Bay is set to make sure that the lips of the north east are treated well and that clients can have confidence in their safety and health whilst achieving the desired results – just in time for the most romantic day of the year! Dr James Hoyle of Quay Aesthetics, who is medical lead at newly opened Quay Aesthetics in Whitley Bay, has joined forces with Northern Insight to make sure that the right checks are done prior to appointments and help people feel reassured in exploring a treatment they may not have considered.

He said: “With many years experience as a dentist, focusing on cosmetic dentistry, I am keen that the aesthetics industry has a positive reputation and that all work is done by qualified experts who understand facial structure fully.

“Enhancement of the size or shape of lips can be very flattering if done correctly, giving a more youthful appearance, boosting confidence and in some cases improving the look of teeth and gums. We all know if it goes wrong though, the appearance can be unappealing, creating the well named ‘troutpout’. Even worse you could run the risk of scarring, infections, ulcerations or even necrosis, which is when the natural lip tissue dies.

“This is why making sure the right checks are undertaken is hugely important. So if you are considering the treatment, then please do follow my best practice guidelines:

1 – Check that the filler is made from a good grade of hyaluronic acid (HA). HA occurs naturally in the bodies, helping maintain a healthy skin and therefore is kinder and safer than a synthetic version of filler. At Quay Aesthetics we use a high grade, top quality dermal filler that gives a natural lift and fullness by replacing lost collagen. This makes the treatment ideal for ladies entering menopause who have lost some of their youthful shape and texture of the lips, as well as being ideal to reshape, enlarge for better facial balance or reshape lips to cover exposed gums for people of all ages.

2 – Choose a safe clinic and professional. Always take a full note of their name and ask for their qualification, recommendations and client reviews. Also ask which products they use and why, and discuss levels – start lower as you can add more but can’t take away. Be aware that immediately after your procedure for the first few days there may well be some swelling and/or bruising. You wont know the full extent of how you look until that has settled.

3 – Have a pre-appointment consultation. Good practitioners will spend time with you, discussing desired outcomes, examining your features and explaining the procedure. They will also need to know all about your medical history and discuss risks. Don’t feel you have to make the decision there and then and don’t be rushed.

4 – On the day of the procedure, make sure that you see the packaging, and that the HA is sealed and unopened until your appointment. Make sure a before and after photo is taken.

5 – Ensure that the practitioner offers after care appointments. Never agree to lip fillers at home, at parties or exhibitions or in a clinic that isn’t clean. “If you follow these steps, then you can enjoy the beauty of enhanced lips without worrying. It can take between four and 14 days for your lips to settle so if it is for a special occasion then please do plan in advance.

And you can expect lip fillers to last between three and six months, but please do be aware that each person is slightly different! Timing is key to the success of aesthetic treatments, so always consult your clinician well in advance.”

Quay Aesthetics has been opened on Park View in Whitley Bay by husband and wife team Dr James and Bethany Hoyle. The pair have invested into the new salon, which offers a unique range of non surgical facial treatments and semi permanent makeup specialisms.

Bethany, who has a degree in business, holds the highest level 4 VTCT accreditation in semipermanent make-up. As well as her specialism in semi-permanent makeup, Bethany also excels in Dermaplaning, Plasma Blast Skin Tightening and LVL lash lifts.

Dr James Hoyle is a qualified dental surgeon, who is now focusing his career on cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics. Dr James concentrates his talents on a range of cosmetic dental offerings including teeth whitening, as well as Botox, Dermal Fillers, Profhilo, PRP ‘Vampire Facial’, IV Drips and Boosters.

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