Sleep Well In The Clouds

Issue 44

Companies and organisations across the North East are facing disruption through shifting consumer behaviours and expectations, digital transformation and breakthroughs in technology that are accelerating change at speeds unlike anything we've ever experienced.

The challenge for many of us is harnessing the power of our relationships, be that with customers, suppliers or other associates, in a world which is becoming increasingly mobile. To do this, we need workplace productivity tools that enable innovation and bring together all of the diverse knowledge and capabilities right across our organisations.

In the face of such rapid technological change, modernising our workplaces can seem like a daunting challenge but there are two key decisions which underpin a successful digital strategy – choosing the right cloud technology platform and building a trusted relationship with an experienced partner, who can be with you on the journey far beyond just moving email and files into the cloud.

A successful strategy delivers a fully cloudconnected modern desktop, providing the right tools to allow teams to be as collaborative, agile and productive as possible. Microsoft 365 is a suite of productivity and security tools which combine the power of Office 365 and Windows 10 with a comprehensive enterprise security layer – critical to protecting users, data, brands and reputations in an increasingly wild digital jungle.

When it comes to cloud technology and security, Microsoft has truly done the heavy-lifting for us. Microsoft 365 is constantly evolving to ensure that incoming email, or even mobile devices which have been left on a train, can now be safely managed in terms of their threat.

With Microsoft taking-on so many of the technical ‘nuts and bolts’ (and headaches!) of security directly, at Synergi we believe that this frees us up for a crucial role in our customers’ journey, that of learning and adoption; as a partner we can focus our time on helping customers to fully understand the platform’s capabilities and to optimise the benefits over time.

If you’re interested in learning more about Microsoft 365 and how it can benefit and protect your organisation, I’d recommend attending our free seminar on 21st February where we’ll be explaining it all through, without the ‘geek speak’, over a warm coffee and a croissant, (contact or call us on 0191 477 0365 for further details)

In a rapidly changing technology environment, it might just be the most important couple of hours you invest in this year.

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