Scary Solutions

Issue 52

The first ever day of school. Pristine uniforms and shiny black shoes. There's a sense of excitement, the feeling of possibility but it's marred by a sense of dread, this is unfamiliar territory

Parents and children alike have to fight the sinking desire to keep things as they are, to stay safe in what they know. We are creatures of habit; we don’t like change. Change is scary.

This principle is prevalent within business and justly so, our businesses are our blood, sweat and livelihood and we want to be sure that we’re not risking that unnecessarily. Still, we have to understand that when we embrace change and let go of our proverbial parent’s hand, we are propelled into motion, allowing us to adapt and progress. This is important as it stops our organisations from becoming stagnant and outdated.

Maintaining competitiveness

With affordable business tools like Office 365, it’s easier for smaller companies to establish themselves in the marketplace. However, this can mean that you’re going up against an increasing number of providers and so it’s more important than ever to maintain a competitive edge. If a fear of change is holding you back from making the business decisions needed to progress and modernise, then you run the risk of being left behind whilst everyone else is innovating around you.

It’s not about forgetting the past

Change isn’t about abandoning the past and running headlong into this idea of an innovative, modern future. In fact, the more we can understand about our organisations and ourselves when we’re planning to implement change, the better. Even within the solutions we implement, we are trying to gain visibility into our business and its processes, so that we can make informed business decisions and adapt appropriately to any obstacles. When deciding upon an appropriate business solution, it is important to consider why you are looking to change, what and where are the inefficiencies in your organisation as it stands? Set clear goals expressing what you wish to achieve from your new solution. These steps will help ensure that the change you are undertaking is beneficial. Change for change’s sake will not benefit your organisation, it is important to know your pain points, know your goals and then utilise this knowledge to design a solution that best services your needs. I can’t promise this will remove the fear factor of change, but it should certainly diminish it.

You have to experience change

It’s all well and good listening to someone telling you what they can do for you but it’s never quite going to translate as well as you’d like. To better understand what a solution could do for you, it’s helpful to see it in action and even try using it and this is exactly what Synergi is offering you the chance to do. Experience Synergi’s solution offerings first-hand at our open day on October 16th.

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