North East Firm At The Forefront Of Delivering Covid-19 Workplace Technology Solutions

Issue 59

Advantex Network Solutions, the North East’s leading and award-winning technology firm, is on a mission to help get the UK’s businesses back up and running throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Last week, the government announced its proposed plans and staged exit strategy from the COVID-19 lockdown, and one of the key pointers was getting the UK working again. Advantex, who are headquartered in Gateshead, are like many of the regions businesses with majority of their workforce either furloughed or

working from home, however, a recent spike in the demand for thermal imaging and social distancing camera solutions has enabled the business to create a COVID-19 task force in order to deal with the demand for the technology.

Following the likes of Amazon and Heathrow Airport, who have just placed orders for thermal imaging cameras, many of the region’s businesses are looking at similar solutions to help detect if an employee is showing a fever, a key symptom of the coronavirus.

Thermal imaging cameras can detect a rise in temperature, that common with the fever of COVID-19, and with such technology in place, employers can monitor in real-time who is entering a building or workplace, allowing them to mitigate risk and take appropriate measures to help prevent further infection.

For over a decade, the Gateshead-based IT firm has been supplying and delivering such technology to some of the UK’s biggest firms to detect anomalies in production and manufacturing equipment, so the technology on offer isn’t new, it’s just being used in a way that enables a business to provide a safer working environment throughout these difficult and unprecedented times.

Advantex Sales & Marketing Director, Steve O’Connell added: “As an employer myself, I know how challenging these times are, and we are in no way out of the woods yet, but we feel we have a responsibility to help the region take the right steps and precautions for when the time does come to finally return to work.

We’re by no means saying this technology will detect COVID-19 and is safe passage to start work tomorrow, but the solutions we provide can offer an element of monitoring and detection, providing peace-of-mind and a clear message to employees and clients that you’re doing everything you can to provide a safe working environment.”

In addition to the popular fever detection cameras, Advantex have also seen a sharp rise in the demand for social distancing, crowd control and PPE detection cameras – a clear indicator to show that the regions businesses have the welfare and wellbeing of staff as a number one priority.

The demand for these cameras has been high, with possible funding also now being available, subject

to eligibility, for specific companies and sectors. Advantex works with some of the UK’s biggest and best-known brands, boasting a client list that includes Hitachi Rail, Rockliffe Hall Hotel, Newcastle International Airport, McDonald’s, Caterpillar trucks, GE Oil & Gas and End Clothing.

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