Ai - What Can Small Businesses Gain By Adopting This Tech?

Issue 95

Read the media and you’ll see mixed reviews of AI. This ever-evolving tech is so powerful and is seemingly ubiquitous now. AI is driving so much of what we do on a daily basis and more and more of us have become accustomed to the benefits in service it can bring (although we may not realise we’re using it).

AI has increasingly featured in the headlines and is often behind the latest tech reveal. Take Chat GPT, launched in November last year, it seemed like quite a leap froward at the time, providing seemingly impossibly turnaround times on questions asked with fully blown essays. Now, it’s just another tech term in our vocabulary, widely used and advancing all the time.

Voice assistants, voice search and chatbots are all AI generated and are perhaps the most widely used AI support tools today – Siri and Alexa are household names!

There are significant advances underway with AI. Healthcare, retail and e-commerce are all sectors that are making huge strides with AI. But what does AI hold for small businesses?

AI-driven communications and content can help build much stronger connections with end-users, whether that’s customers, employees or other stakeholders.

Enhanced reaction times, enhanced proactive communications that serve to assist (e.g., suggested content to read, items to buy) are largely welcomed by consumers, if relevant.

With AI, we can make the customer journey much more personalised, efficient and streamlined. In tech terms, we see a reduction in ‘friction’ as users move from one stage to another, making the user experience far more slick and enjoyable.

In a very general sense, all this adds up to a better user experience, reduced costs for the operator, and typically increased customer loyalty.

The same benefits apply when developing new software for businesses. AI-powered systems can work quicker, free up time for employees, can support decision-making, improve customer experience, and provide a competitive edge.

At Lumanorth, we recognise the benefits of implementing AI, though take a measured approach, incorporating AI only when it is relevant and as part of an overall platform.

Our recent creation, BentoBot, a bite-sized micro-learning platform, leverages AI to specifically target an individual’s knowledge gaps and personalise the learning journey. With AI, the software can specifically identify where individuals need more assistance with areas of the course content, and subsequently re-present elements of the course content again or in a different form to help the user understand better. This aids with knowledge acquisition and improves the user experience as the subject matter is made more relevant and engaging.

If you have a software project or would like to know more about BentoBot, talk to the team

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