From Monday Night Quizzes To Managed Services

Issue 59

These are truly unprecedented times, your dog is howling at your feet during your Teams call, whilst you try to ensure your children aren’t about to break a bone from the corner of your eye. Maybe you’re even working in the bathroom with an ironing board for a desk!

This has truly showcased the innovation that we are capable of. But most notably this shift to working from home has served to both promote the importance of cloud computing and highlight organisation’s clunky

or inefficient processes. We see not only how digital operations can help organisations function remotely

but also how processes are slowed when there are ineffective solutions in place. Whilst we do not know when or how exactly lockdown will end, we suspect it will mark the beginning of a new normal for businesses and their operations with a grounding in cloud-based solutions. So how do you ensure that you are prepared?

Many will understand cloud computing as the utilisation of Office 365 technology. Whilst this is an excellent foundation, there are often hidden capabilities within this platform that go unused, as well as integrated tools and solutions that serve to boost efficiency and productivity. However, understanding, managing and securing digital solutions let alone your entire technology environment can seem overwhelming. This is where a flexible managed service offering comes in.

What are Managed Services?

Available as part of a fully managed or comanaged solution, Synergi’s managed service is an offering that delivers complete flexibility, allowing customised services based on a client’s specific needs. This solution offers the monitoring of servers and applications with clear service schedules and reporting, promoting continuous optimisation through consistent analysis and review. Enhanced security monitoring and disaster recovery offerings provide peace of mind and all of the licenses and infrastructure management can be provided, allowing you to access everything you need from one provider. On top of all this you have access to a team of highly skilled solution experts across all fields from applications, platforms, and security to provide guidance at the level appropriate to support the needs of your in-house team and users.

Why should North East businesses be excited?

So now you understand the what behind managed services, why should it matter to you? With a managed or co-managed solution, delivering a customised service utilising one set of shared tools reduces costs and provides consistency and efficiency. Service teams will work with you from the first day of the design phase, through the entire process and then onto supporting your services long term. This offers high quality support as well as clear accountability and none of the typical handover issues! Built from a service template, there are a set of flexible options including wrapping your licensing, service visits and even hardware refresh elements into your monthly Managed Service Agreement, so you can access a unique service that is tailored for your needs.

Want to know more?

Synergi is a next generation managed technology partner, dedicated to providing the best in independent digital solutions & flexible Managed Services. With an ever-expanding team of specialists working to offer cloud business application deployment, workflow and process automation, business insights, security, and managed services. To find out more about Synergi’s managed services get in touch by emailing or check out our website, managed-services.

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