Fighting Viruses And Encryption Software? Just Another Day In The Field

Issue 28

There's never a dull moment at One IT Support. Every day is different which is always good and keeps us extensively on our toes.

Our clients are good at keeping us busy, there’s always room for us to lend a hand, whether we’re recovering data or offering our network installation services, it’s a good feeling to know we can be of assistance. Speaking of helping out, we’ve recently been called to action with our client, Unique Magazines and their problems with malicious encryption software and viruses. Believe it or not, your company’s network and servers can be a dangerous place. Much like the ghostbusters heading on call to vanquish ghosts, we were tasked with dealing with a virus and encryption software. We were informed one of the Unique Magazines staff has accidently downloaded a fake invoice.doc file onto their computer.

This created a chain of events allowing the file to run malicious code and therefore spread to the all of the computers on the network and the company server. As the virus then began attempting to run encryption software, we knew we had to begin preventing the issue before it got worse. The first line of defence came from our antivirus software from One IT Support as this neutralised the threat and prevented the encryption software causing any harm at this point, but the initial virus threat still remained – our job wasn’t yet finished.

The fake invoice.doc we encountered with Unique Magazines was a brand-new virus therefore meaning it wasn’t in our database and therefore not caught earlier. Over the course of the working day and evening until 10pm and the following working day the One IT Support team worked hard to relieve the Unique Magazine network of this threat. We were efficiently able to devise a method of removing the virus from the network successfully as we cleaned all the PC’s and servers with zero downtime or data loss for the company. At One IT we love to go the extra mile as we then took some extra backups and walked the Unique Magazines team through storing their data separately should the worst happen again. As we now move into our seventh year of business, One IT Support are proud to have never lost a support contract and plan to keep the positive work moving into the winter months. Our clientele are important to us and making sure we don’t let anyone down is part of the company ethos.

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