Stop, Collaborate, And Listen

Issue 103

The Futureproof Way of Working within the Built Environment.

It is becoming more evident that historical ways of working, or following a ‘traditional’ model of practice, are losing their previous impact. Following processes and procedures that were designed decades ago are not only outdated from an environmental perspective (and having a devastating effect on the communities they are developed in), but they are also running out of steam from a business-to-business model as well.

Since establishing Lynas Engineers, my team and I have worked hard to ensure that not only are we designing and delivering projects that have true longevity and positive impact in each and every scenario, but that we’re also thinking ahead to help develop the industry as a whole too. Throughout my career I have been fortunate to have seen shifts across Civil Engineering and the Built Environment as a whole that has helped create the landscape we operate in today. Moving through the ‘old school’ of tradition and the ‘way it’s always been done’ to today’s fresher and more considered approaches to a rapidly changing world, and one that requires more immediate innovation than ever before. Today, we work in a mixed field and whilst there are benefits to both the legacy of the industry and today’s innovation aspirations – one thing remains glaringly obvious.

Progress of any kind is not achievable without collaboration.

No one company can truly provide every single solution whilst they work alone or in silos. No single organisation can support true innovation without first learning from the origins of the concern or projects – and to do that, we need to engage with others and we need to listen.

Over the past few years, my team and I have been building a network of relationships that is designed to work in partnership, celebrating achievements together and ultimately helping us all learn from each other to best deliver our own works. Oftentimes this is in partnership with each other, offering a unique and collaborative solution to a project or scheme, but ultimately the way in which we go to work on a project with a true partner delivers immeasurable benefits to us, our clients, and the project at hand. Blending skills, knowledge, experiences, and practices gives our clients a fresh solution, delivered with passion and pride. And that is what will drive the industry forward.

These relationships have been formed into a network, operating across the North, called Preferred Partners. As Preferred Partners we are ramping up for the return of Constructing Links, our exhibition-style event in Middlesbrough this month, we can see the appetite of people and businesses who want to work closer together, to form a true and sustainable local supply chain as registrations pour in. Following its sell-out success in 2023, this year’s event is on a larger scale as we take over the Legends Lounge at the Riverside Stadium. Whilst I hope to see many Northern Insight readers at Constructing Links, what I am keen to encourage is a change of mindset for all across the Built Environment. I cannot predict the future, but what we can say with some surety is that as our world continues to change, we have to change alongside it. Without it, without working closer together and challenging the norm, our industries are doomed to stagnate, and with it – our communities too.

Do you want to find out more about our Preferred Partners network? Visit our website at, or connect with me on LinkedIn. We need to stop, collaborate and truly listen to our partners, communities and work towards a sector that is responsive and innovative in every way it can be.

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