Rich In Italian Flair

Issue 78

Heaton Property is delighted to announce the appointment of Lindsay DeVenezia as senior property manager. Lindsay was born in the USA and moved to England from Jersey with her family, aged 14.

When Mum announced the move to Newcastle, Lindsay and her two brothers asked what Newcastle was.

The family quickly settled, and Lindsay attended Whitley Bay High School then went on to the University of Sunderland where she took a degree in communications and design. Part time work in the hospitality sector as a student morphed into a full-time career until Covid struck. Lindsay says: “I loved working in hospitality because I love talking to people and a strong customer service ethic comes with the territory. But while I was employing my people skills, I felt I was not realising my full potential, especially in the digital space. So, I began to look for a new challenge and Heaton Property offered me the perfect fit. My mother is a realtor in New Jersey, so this feels like I am carrying on a family tradition. Also, having a boss who is also of Italian descent makes for some great banter in the office”.

Lindsay will work with tenants and landlords to meet the requirements of both. She is also tasked with evolving the digital space increasingly vital to today’s estate, lettings and block management sector. Lindsay is studying towards a National Federation of Property Professionals diploma and expects to qualify in the coming weeks.

Heaton Property managing director Damiano Rea says: “We can arrange training in specific property sector skills, but I think excellent interpersonal skills is something you are born with. A person can have all manner of property management qualifications but without warmth and empathy, they will not thrive in a customer facing role. So, Lindsay came to us from hospitality with the building blocks in place. Once that foundation is there, slotting in the technical skills is straightforward”.

“It is great to have a ‘digital native’ on the team as we roll out new software and digital systems. As a digital invader I tend to plod away, one finger typing and becoming ever more frustrated. Lindsay will have a new system up and running in the time it takes me to figure out how to open the instruction manual”.

“The fact that Lindsay, like me, is of Italian descent is a bonus. It means we can bicker about everything under the sun like true Italians. I sometimes take it easy on her as I am at a natural advantage. My family hales from Arpino in the Lazio region of Italy. This was the birthplace of the Roman statesman Cicero”.

“Lindsay’s family come from Venice where no famous statesman ever came from. Marco Polo was an explorer, Vivaldi a musician, Tintoretto a painter and Casanova was a very naughty boy. No statesmen, unlike Arpino which has loads. I win. At least until Lindsay reads this”.

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