Mission To Transform New Build Housing Across Uk

Issue 69

With a growing focus on Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) across the building sector, we spoke to Scott Bibby, MD of modular steel housebuilder CoreHaus, at the vanguard of this movement from his base in the North East.

What are Modern Methods of Construction?

Simplistically MMC is the latest and most innovative ways in which we build. The phrase has been utilised for decades and is unfortunately commonly associated to post war prefabricated homes. Presently the reality is that the delivery model for construction has advanced to a position which offers multiple solutions to traditional challenges. This ranges from full volumetric homes in which units arrive on site 100% complete, right through to on site process and product improvements such as conveyor belts for bricks and engineered bracketry.

Why is the government committed to encouraging more MMC?

Historically the government has supported MMC due to skill/materials shortages and the demand for more housing (post war UK). Recently the drive for MMC is about much more than this with a need to overcome multiple challenges and improve quality, cost, speed, and sustainability. It was a great political move to create an MMC task force to help spearhead the national effort.

How does CoreHaus fit into this?

CoreHaus utilises a pod and panelised approach in a smart and innovative way. This allows the full benefits of offsite manufacturing whilst maintaining high levels of flexibility in our solutions. We believe our product offers the answers to each of the previously mentioned challenges in which the industry currently seeks answers for.

What makes you different to other modular housebuilders?

Our hybrid solutions are unique and allow us to advertise flexibility as standard. We have intentionally designed our process to negate transport escort vehicles and other restrictions with harder to reach sites. Our product allows infinite choice on external finish with options for internal layouts to suit our customer preferences. To my knowledge, nobody else in the industry currently offers this.

How is the market responding to MMC and your offer?

Lots of people do not like change and unfortunately this can sometimes be the barrier between a great idea and its successful implementation. That said, I have spoken with almost every housing provider or contractor in the North East now and each occasion has been very positive. I believe the market is finally ready for CoreHaus and MMC. The benefits will only grow with its continued application and acceptance.

How does MMC affect the skilled people you need?

Personally, I have experience in multiple sectors including, construction, aerospace, rail, military, and manufacturing. I feel MMC has offered me the opportunity to fully utilise my past and I know this to be true for everyone employed by CoreHaus. I truly believe people are the most important element of a successful business and am proud to say that our employees are a diverse, multi skilled and highly talented family with a team ethic that any prestigious sports club would be proud of.

What are your ambitions for CoreHaus?

Our objectives which are focused on People, Reputation, Quality, and our Product, combined with our core values which are Commitment, Openness, Revolutionary and Excellence directly support our mission at CoreHaus, which is to transform new build housing delivery. This mission involves the delivery of 1000 high quality, sustainable and affordable homes per year in five years’ time. We are a social enterprise and would like to maximise the positive impact that we have in the areas we work. In summary, build great homes that people want to live in, improve the lives of those around us, support the housing crisis and tackle climate change…easy!

How do you relax away from work?

If you had of asked me four years ago, I might have said a sport or activity. With two sons at home, aged one and three, I rarely get an opportunity to relax. That said, I am very hands-on with the boys and find them highly entertaining (most of the time). I totally switch off from work when I am with my family which is so important for a good work life balance.

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