How To Keep Your Car Secure This Winter

Issue 96

Your car is probably one of the most expensive things you own. As such, securing your investment is of paramount importance. Security comes in some shapes and forms; the kind of security we most often engage with is financial security, through insurance.

However conventional car insurance policies do not cover the value spent on a vehicle; instead, they only protect a certain portion of its market value. For motorists wondering ‘is gap insurance worth it’, where gap insurance covers the difference between market value and purchase value, the answer depends on how important this form of financial security is to you. But what of more tangible options for ensuring your car is secure this winter?

Keeping Your Car Locked

It needn’t be said that locking your car is an instrumental aspect of ensuring its safety when parked or otherwise left unattended. Locking your car on leaving it should be second nature to you – but accidents happen, and it is entirely possible to slip up in this regard.

For those with flightier memories than others, using memory aids can help you remember to lock your car, as well as to remember whether or not you locked it later on; taking a picture of yourself locking the car is a good help, as is simply narrating yourself locking your car out loud.

Be Picky With Parking

Where you park, naturally, makes a dramatic difference to your risk of car-related burglaries or thefts. This isn’t just down to the perceived safety of a neighbourhood, though; it is a panoply of variables that can increase your risk of becoming a victim of theft.

For example, you should always park in well-lit areas, to disincentivise more brazen attempts to break and enter. You might also consider parking in places that you know to have active CCTV in place; the knowledge that your car is on camera can give you peace of mind, but also give thieves pause for thought!

Etch Your Window

Every car has a unique VIN, or Vehicle Identity Number, attached to it. This can be found in your vehicle’s documentation and is a crucial tool in tracking down stolen vehicles. However, documents can be forged and vehicles modified, which can make identifying a stolen car by VIN alone difficult. A simple way to make this harder for criminals is to etch your VIN into your windshield in a discreet place. A bad criminal will not notice, making your car easier to find and verify; a good criminal will know not to bother with your vehicle in the first place!

Tooling Up

There are many aftermarket tools and devices you can use to shore up the safety and security of your vehicle when parked. Mechanical interventions like the humble steering lock are powerful deterrents for less-experienced burglars, while dashcams can be imperative to either identifying criminals or preventing attempts on your vehicle.

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