Unique Magazines Interview

Issue 97

Andy Greener - Founder Managing Director, Komodo Digital

How did you end up building a creative digital product studio company?

Back in the late nineties, the North East didn’t boast a bustling creative scene. Set on a career in design but averse to the idea of uprooting to London, I took matters into my own hands and started my first business from my spare room to create the job I needed.

Fast forward 24 years, and I’m lucky to work with a team of 30 skilled professionals who, together design and create amazing digital products and services for a diverse range of clients from across the UK and beyond.

Who or what inspires you?

I’m drawn to the complexities that are part and parcel of running a small business. The constant challenges push me to expand my knowledge and skill set continually.

Applying creativity to solve complex problems is interesting and exciting for me. I rarely get bored.

What advice would you give to anyone interested in getting into digital creative role?

In the early stage of your creative career in the digital industry, I think it’s preferable to join a team that you actively want to be part of. A team that will challenge you and give you that great first exposure to the industry.

Working with peers who inspire and on projects that capture the imagination provides the best foundation for a successful creative career.

Be highly selective (and determined), spend time researching the sector for the agencies that are in the area you want to work in and target those that meet your criteria.

Try not to take roles just because the salary is good. Better to get the experience. The money will follow later.

In the early years, expose yourself to as many disciplines as possible to build an understanding of what areas particularly interest you. Over time, the area of specialism will naturally reveal itself.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Working with a talented and committed team of people in a fascinating industry that is constantly evolving.

What has been your most memorable business moment thus far?

To single out one moment from nearly a quarter of a century in business is difficult, and the most memorable moments have been both really good and really bad and far too numerous to detail.

All of these moments collectively have created a truly unique journey and a business that continues to surprise and challenge me daily.

So, I have to choose the moment I decided to be selfemployed. It changed everything.

What are your favourite magazines?

I rarely buy newspapers on a Sunday but when I do I really enjoy the supplements you get in the broadsheets. Reading these, purely for pleasure, after a big lunch is a real treat. A great user experience.

What’s the future hold for Andrew Greener?

Growing the Komodo team. Tackling bigger challenges. Constantly learning.

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