How Outsourced Pr Can Help Your Brand Flourish

Issue 37

When it comes to outsourcing specialist services, companies get it. They understand that in order to manage finances, they need an accountancy practice, and to oversee legal matters, they need a law firm...

However, when it comes to Public Relations, some companies may not recognise the need for a PR agency and how it can be of substantial benefit, crucial in some cases. It tends to be the last professional arm that companies look to embrace, yet it should be an integral part of the company; part of strategic planning at board level and incorporated into the company structure to communicate the company’s ‘voice’ to both existing and potential customers.

A public relations partner can be a tremendous asset for companies of all sizes, from startups searching for a route to get on the map, to international corporations seeking a solution to the latest crisis. Regardless of if a company is actively searching for a PR solution, it is vital to understand exactly what PR is and the different ways in which it can help amplify your business:


Through using different public relations strategies, companies appointing PR professionals have the ability to share unique facts and important details about the past, present and future of the business. Unlike with advertising, Public Relations has the ability to earn your audience’s trust through third party validation. Having a track record of trust between you and your audience is imperative to your overall brand’s reputation which is earned through transparency, quality, accountability and integrity.


“If you don’t tell your story, your competitors will tell theirs.” The opportunity for brands to increase their awareness is out there, across the media landscape and especially on social media. Assume your competitors have a well-thought-out strategy to communicate their message. If you stand out from your competition, but you aren’t telling anyone about it, your competitors are still brand leaders in the marketplace to audiences who are listening.


Thought leadership is an integral part of your company’s content PR and marketing strategy. This can take many different forms, including interviews, Q&As and company insights. The purpose of thought leadership is to give owners or executives within the company the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise, as well as to lend their voice to industry conversations. A PR agency can source the right platforms to amplify your voice, ahead of your competitors, as well as ensuring that company executives are trained and informed on key messages. PR and social media also gives executives a fantastic platform to offer their opinions and speak directly with customers.

It offers unparalleled insight into the views and trends of a business’ consumers. What they say and share about your company via social media can have a substantial impact on your brand and your reputation. An aware and socially active executive can address consumer concerns as and when they happen, helping the company stay on the path to success.


PR is a valuable method for recruiting and retaining top industry talent. Every company wants to attract the very best staff from their respective industry, and what drives potential employees’ interest is a progressive company that stands out from the crowd. Using PR to communicate how proactive and savvy a company is, along with a coordinated social media strategy, help attract the right candidates. Retaining employees is always an issue, because if an employee feels like the company isn’t proactive or at the cutting edge of the industry, they will no doubt want to jump ship to a competitor. Featuring regularly in both trade and regional/national publications provides a sense of camaraderie and pride in employees, and helps retain and attract the cream of the crop.


No company is ever immune to a crisis. There are preventive measures that companies can take before a crisis occurs, and discussing this with your chosen PR agency is crucial. The first includes taking a long, hard look at your business and identifying where potential threats and crises could arise from. Have a detailed strategy in place should a crisis occur. Don’t wait for the crisis to occur to devise a plan, as time is of the essence in handling the crisis to communicate with your customers with integrity and transparency. PR is about being proactive as well as reactive.

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