You Have A Choice

Issue 59

How we have chosen to deal with this crisis as business owners, employers, directors and leaders will define our brand and affect our businesses in the future.

As I write this today, the industry I am incredibly passionate about, is under investigation due to a small pocket of businesses that have forgotten, what we do.

A Wedding Day

We are born into love.

At the age of two we develop empathy.

At the age of four/five we tend to get married to our best friend and/or develop a crush.

•Around the age of 12 we will have a boy/girlfriend.

From the age of 15 we are emotionally mature to enable us to fall in love.

One in 10,000 chance of finding your soulmate.

26 is the average age we meet our soulmate.

We grow together for 4.9 years on average before deciding to get married.

365 days on average to plan a wedding.

£30k on average is spent on a wedding.

80 loved ones typically celebrate and support a couple on their special day.

One dream, one cherished moment in time, one opportunity to get it right.

One of the most special days out of 26,280 days we are alive (on average).

A day filled with a million hopes, dreams and love.

One first day of married life.

A marriage that produces on average 1.7 new humans.

A union that on average lasts for 30 years, most ending with the death of a partner (UK).

We die surrounded by that love and all those magical memories.

It has been beautiful to work with many small independent creative businesses that fully understand the very real human element to the work we do, understanding what our work actually means and have shown much empathy.

But it has also been incredibly disappointing to witness a section of the industry show their true colours and the pain this has created.

England’s exit strategy will have an incredible impact on the world of weddings, it’s important we don’t lose sight of what a wedding day symbolises. Empathy is a powerful resource for your brand and your business. You have a choice.

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