The Future Is Kind!

Issue 79

I am delighted to announce that Kind Currency will be working in partnership with Mayfli. In April thousands of small businesses went on strike against high profile e-commerce company. Why? Because this marketplace puts profit before people. It ruins businesses and destroys people

I have listened to the horror stories experienced by many small businesses trying to survive in a world of profiteering e-commerce companies.

When I heard about a new start up Mayfli, an ethical ecommerce company, putting people and their small businesses at the heart of their marketplace I had to find out more.

I could not wait to meet with Mayfli Founder Racheal Straughan, who is just so lovely and kind.

Mayfli like Kind Currency has been created from darkness, created to make a change and lead with kindness. Racheal and her life and business partner Mark are on a mission to create the first person-centred marketplace; an ecommerce company that helps small businesses, providing them with a safe place to sell. They want to nurture the businesses and the people within the business, they will be providing so much more than an online selling facility, they will be an abundance of opportunity to benefit small businesses and the people within them.

Mayfli is a safe and nurturing marketplace, putting people before profit.

Racheal and Mark’s story is quite something, they have suffered at the hands of leading ecommerce marketplaces but although it has been challenging, it has provided them with the experience, knowledge, and expertise to challenge the market, to shift the dial for small businesses and deliver positive change.

I connected with Racheal instantly. I got her mission, her anger and frustrations and her need to create a change. Racheal’s personal and business ethos aligns with my own. The essence of Mayfli aligns with Kind Currency.

Small businesses matter, behind them are real people with lives to live, bills to pay and food to put on the table.

Mayfli is the only ecommerce company Kind Currency will support and celebrate because it is the only KIND marketplace. Mayfli is a transparent, low cost and supportive all in one ecommerce solution giving you both a shop on the marketplace and your very own website, all controlled with a single seller dashboard. Giving you control of your online shop and business, no hidden agenda, and no hidden costs, only heaps of care. It is really the only marketplace to be, to protect you and your business. Ethical businesses that join Mayfli will be introduced to Kind Currency. At Kind Currency we celebrate kind businesses, letting everyone know you are KIND and connecting your business directly with those ready to shop kind for free.

The uniting of Mayfli and Kind Currency is a step further in the fight against poverty and the climate crisis, protecting people and planet. The future is kind! Does your business wish to be part of it?

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