Small Everyday Changes Will Improve Your Life

Issue 66

Your health, wellbeing, appearance and self confidence will benefit hugely by implementing positive changes that are repeated consistently.

Implementing these changes now should give you noticeable results by July 2021. A four month commitment for tangible results is not long – and you will thank yourself for doing these come the warmer weather. Example of Positive changes & new things to try;

Just 15 press ups a day is a monster 1,680 over four months.

Eating 200 calories less per day saves 22,400 calories – that’s 7lbs of fat.

One mile walk/run a day is 112 miles, that’s just under nine Great North Runs.

Reducing two digestive biscuits (or equivalent treat) down to one a day will save around 9,500 calories

30 squats a day adds up to 3,360 in 16 weeks – imagine how strong your legs will feel

One minute plank a day to improve your stomach and core strength, over the four months you will hold the plank for just under two hours.

Completing a set of 100 stairs every day is 11,200 stairs in total.

Cutting alcohol consumption down by just half a glass a day will reduce your intake by 5,000 calories over four months. Reducing down from four slices of bread a day to two is a huge 224 slices less over four months.

Full-sugar fizzy drinks in a 330ml can contain 10 teaspoons of sugar. The daily recommended limit for adults is seven per day. If this is a daily habit and you cut it out, you’d be reducing your intake by a staggering 1,120 teaspoons of sugar over the four month period.

40 stomach crunches per day will total 4,480 in 16 weeks. If 40 is too many in one go try 4×10 or 2×20 – the main thing keeping the consistency going. I recommend partnering these with the plank for muscle balance

Three cups of coffee per day with one sugar in each, amounts to 336 teaspoons of sugar and 6,720 calories over four months. Keep the coffee, but drop the sugar.

When you add small everyday changes over a week/month or in this case four months you begin to realise the huge positive changes you can make. Unfortunately, you can also see how easy it is to go the other way with little or no exercise and a massive excess of daily calories. Over months, years and decades these seemingly small but repetitive unhealthy habits add up which is why this country is in poor health with such high obesity rates.

Try to make changes to your own daily habits & routines to see how much better you will feel in four months.

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