Porterhouse Butcher And Grill Opens In Fenwick

Issue 27

A unique butcher and steak bar combination created and run by renowned North East chef and restaurateur Terry Laybourne has opened in Newcastle's Fenwick department store.

Porterhouse Butcher and Grill is the latest development in Fenwick’s Food Hall and is the latest operation within Terry’s successful 21 Hospitality Group. Porterhouse Butcher and Grill offers casual dining at the counter, along with seated restaurant space. There is counter seating for around 14 people, table seating for 30, an open kitchen, creative chefs and knowledgeable service staff. Meat will be cooked in front of customers using a charcoal fired Josper grill, ensuring a lively, dynamic environment throughout the day.

Diners have the opportunity to see and discuss how premium meat should be prepared and cooked. Terry Laybourne said: “This new venue has been driven by the positive response we’ve had to the Saltwater Fish Company which operates as a fish bar and fishmonger within Fenwick. We offer a premium product, treated with respect and cooked in front of customers who really engage with the process.” One of the key suppliers to Porterhouse Butcher and Grill is world renowned meat supplier Peter Hannan who runs Hannan Meats. The award-winning beef is dry aged for up to 45 days in Himalayan salt chambers which give the meat a unique flavour and tenderness. Top nationally renowned chefs turn to this beef because of its unique quality. Terry Laybourne has been working with Peter Hannan and serving his Himalayan salt-aged beef from other restaurants within his 21 Hospitality Group for several years. However, this will be the first time such premium, restaurant quality beef will be available from a retail outlet in Newcastle and the North East. London’s Fortnum & Mason is the only other retailer to offer this beef in England. Terry Laybourne said: “I have never come across beef that is so good and is of such consistent quality. This beef isn’t just different, it’s consistently better. “Our chefs will work hand in hand with our butcher, taking a ‘we cook what we sell, we sell what we cook’ approach.

Our meat and game is seasonal so both our butcher and dining menu will be constantly changing.” Peter Hannan said: “We are delighted to be part of what is an immensely exciting and unique dining and retail experience in Newcastle. It’s a great example of the smart culinary and catering ideas that we’ve come to expect from Terry. “We’ve developed an excellent relationship with him over several years and we look forward to offering consumers in Newcastle and the wider North East supreme quality meats from our Himalayan salt chambers.”

"I have never come across beef that is so good and is of such consistent quality. This beef isn't just different, it's consistently better."

Terry Laybourne, Local Restraunteur

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