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Issue 78

SIMON BRUCE Owner of PJ Events

Is there anything new or exciting happening at PJ events this year?

“We recently won wedding DJ of the year for the fourth year running for North and West Yorkshire which was a great achievement for us!”

Which areas do you cover to put on events?

“Even though were North East based we can work around what a customer wants really. In the past we have put on events from Dumfries to London but normally the rule of thumb is North-East based.”

What is something that PJ events does differently to other events companies?

“So, on the DJ side of things we have a great selection of different DJs who can fit which whatever style you’re going for. When it comes to your first dance, we have a unique package called ‘dancing in the clouds’ which is state of the art equipment that produces low level fog to give the illusion that you’re dancing in the clouds which just amazes all of our guests. We have a range of photo booths, but we recently introduced the high-end ‘X booth mirror’ which comes with a range of effects even including company logos and brand names. We can provide a ‘commander dancefloor’ which is an interactive, light-up floor and we can put your company name on there too which is entertaining for the guests and gives your event that personal touch.”

How adaptable is PJ events to last minute requests do you cater to dates which aren’t booked in advance?

“Well last week we got a call to arrange a surprise 40th birthday party from a customer who wanted something planning very last minute. We didn’t have much time to get everything in but we made a go of it, and she was absolutely thrilled we could help her with such little notice. We had less than a week to arrange everything, but we organised the catering side of things and the other details in time for the party and our customer was over the moon. As we work with hotels such as Crown Plaza, Roker Hotel and Littlehaven, we often have to do things at short notice, but it’s never a problem.”

What is something personal to you that’s been achieved through PJ events? “So here at PJ events we do our best to give back to the community whichever way we can. Breast cancer research is a charity which is quite close to our hearts so in the past we have raised money for them. We have also been directly involved with young carers which is quite personal to me so we do what we can to give back and have raised around four thousand pounds for them over the years which is one of our proudest achievements.

I have also put on many birthday parties free of charge in different parts of Newcastle, mostly for kids whose parents may not have the means to pay. Nobody deserves to go without and this something we try to ensure so adapting to people’s budgets is something I personally try my best to do. More recently we put on a free Christmas do for the Jobcentreplus which they couldn’t have been happier about. Providing a snow machine and other equipment after a lastminute drop out from another company

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