Broadening Business And Collaborating With New Clientele

Issue 26

Acquiring new and exciting clients is always an exciting procedure at Paper Voice. Creating customer designs whether that be a website, app, logo or even print-design, Paper Voice aims to inspire and engage clients into securing a complete purchase.

Working efficiently on new contracts is an area of work the owner and lead designer of Paper Voice, Steve Myers takes pride in. This year has worked favourably for the North Tyneside based company as their broadened success has attracted new and exciting clients requiring Steve and the company’s expertise service. Fresh custom comes in many formats for a UI (user interface) design company as a wide variety of businesses require in depth services. A recent client and substantially large project Steve is currently collaborating on is Patterson Ryan Wireworks based within Wallsend. Patterson Ryan Wireworks specialises in supplying perforated metal sheets, expanded metal, weld mesh, industrial filters and woven wire panels. What excites Steve about this is the size of this project. “This is a large contract for us to have taken on, I will be creating a full e-commerce website for their 1,700 products, as well as creating a series of to scale graphics of each of their products.” Steve and the Paper Voice team have also made the executive decision to work alongside new company, Swiftwater Solutions. The company is a boat rescue service who works alongside industries near large bases of water. The type of work Steve will be taking on for Swiftwater Solutions will be creating and piecing together a brand-new website for the company with a new logo design. New and intriguing contracts continue to broaden Steve and Paper Voice’s portfolio of clients. Patterson Ryan Wireworks and Swiftwater Solutions will add to the Paper Voice portfolio contributing to a roster of companies like with The Experimental Diner, Chartwise UK Ltd and 1-2-1 Mortgages.

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