A Positive Change

Issue 80

Through my 26 years as a personal trainer, I have seen weight gain have a profound effect on people's self esteem and confidence. This can lead to negative changes in personality and lead to a false belief that nothing is going to change; this is where you are wrong...

A number of new clients I see take months to build up the courage to contact me, some who are so low that for the first few minutes during the consultation they do not have the confidence to lift their head.

This is where I try to instill a self belief and spark a positive change in their mindset, the belief that they can change their lives, they can be the person they used to be or want to be. It’s all about taking that first step and thinking in a different positive way, once you start to exercise and eat well, the changes can be instant, dramatic and life changing.

Seeing the positive changes evolve with my clients both physically and mentally, is the best part of my job. There have been some staggering life changing transformations over the years. What drove them to completely change their lives for good, in a matter of weeks?

They had finally had enough of the way they looked and felt, their health was also suffering.

They wanted to live longer for their children and future grandchildren.

With our help they had a plan and were accountable. Their first thought in the morning and the last at night was their weight – this had to stop, it was constantly bringing them down.

They wanted to look and feel normal and buy clothes from a shop, that they could actually fit in to. It affected virtually every thought process and decision throughout the day, their weight became their biggest stress.

Their lives would never change unless they took the responsibility themselves, no one could do it for them.

After being at such a low point in their lives thinking there was no way out, it only took a matter of weeks to completely transform their bodies and just as importantly their minds.

These clients made a decision and stuck to it through sheer determination with a totally new outlook and attitude.

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