"will Brexit Affect Your Recruitment Strategy?"

Issue 47

Turn on the news today and chances are, there will be a headline story with Brexit at its core.

Whilst nobody can be certain of how Brexit will impact different industries and the economy, we can at least attempt to Brexit-proof our recruitment strategies. And as the saga rumbles on, recruiters have an ever more important role to play in assisting both clients and candidates.

Once the UK leaves the EU, free movement of people will be over. It is not a total veto on recruiting EU nationals, and the immigration laws are looking likely to be revised to make this easier in the wake of Brexit, however, it does mean a business may need to review their recruitment strategies to keep pace. It will require UK businesses to adopt a longer-term talent attraction strategy and push the focus onto either existing UK-based talent pools or expect to invest the required time and resources to bring EU nationals to work in the UK for the first time.

This is where working with recruitment experts such as HowieWhite comes in. A recent survey of UK graduates revealed that 67% work in a role completely unrelated to their degree. Whilst an agency may look at university degree subject or current job title to make a snap decision about whether that person is suitable for your vacancy. At HowieWhite, we interview and assess each candidate as an individual, looking not just at their current job title, but at their transferrable skills and what else they can bring to the table. We work closely with our clients HR teams to combine the requirements of the business with our extensive knowledge of the market.

When working with a smaller talent pool due to restrictions on EU nationals, it could be a reasonable suggestion for businesses to become a little more flexible and look at the bigger picture. For a recruitment strategy to be successful within the uncertain time of Brexit there needs to be a focus on making the most out of the available skills of all candidates as well as looking at succession planning within their business. If a candidate isn’t suitable for the particular vacancy, an assessment at whether their skills could be useful for the business in a different capacity is imperative to getting best out of the market.

At HowieWhite, we can assist with and adapt to, any recruitment strategy to ensure that for both client and candidate, it runs as smoothly, seamlessly and efficiently as possible. With businesses becoming more and more cautious when planning and allocating budgets, streamlining the time spent on recruitment is vital. Brexit may see the beginning of new roles within businesses and exploiting these changes early may be the difference between success and failure of a recruitment strategy in the face of uncertainty

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