The Rise Of The North East By James Blackwell, Ceo, Ronald James

Issue 22

The North East was born in an industrial revolution; although our skyline may be framed by chimney stacks, the picture inside couldn't be more different.

The coastline… the countryside… the culture… just a few of the North East’s regional offerings- however, these probably aren’t the first things that come to mind when you hear the word ‘Northern’.

Unfortunately, the region is tainted with a stigma of negativity, when in fact it has countless benefits that just aren’t showcased.

So, here are just a few of the reasons why the North East is one of the best places to locate your digital business.

The growth of the region

Contrary to belief, the North East is one of the fastest growing regions in the UK. Not only that, but more recently the North East has been recognised as one of the fastest growing tech scenes in England. It is already home to big conglomerates such as Bede gaming, Sage, Zerolight and many more proof that the region has evolved to cater to the rising needs of the digital ecosystem. Operating in a growing environment such as the North East not only maximises growth potential, but simultaneously allows companies to operate ahead of trends.

Support within the region

Nurturing business growth and development is paramount to a company’s success – something readily recognised in the North East. Individuals and companies across the region are passionate about retaining local talent, and developing the area to improve the overall profile of the North East. ‘Go Digital Newcastle’ is just one example of the support provided to local businessess; ran by Newcastle City Council, the scheme exists to improve the performance of the local digital economy.

Surrounding area

The North East offers a phenomenal standard of living. Wherever the location, you’re guaranteed to be just a stones-throw away from the nearest coastline or countryside, with the culture of a strong community prevalent across the region. Key landmarks within the area include the Angel of the North, Durham Cathedral, Hadrian’s Wall, and many more alike. Despite the North East’s digital advancements, it is still the home to many quintessentially Northern treasures.

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