Teesside Commercial Vehicle Bodybuilder Builds On Foundations

Issue 98

After 15 years of steady growth, CPD Bodies is poised for further success.

When Cathal Doocey acquired a failing engineering firm 15 years ago, he probably didn’t expect it to be turned into the success that CPD Bodies has become. As well as acquiring all of the mechanical equipment, he also acquired the workforce…of 1.

Now Cathal’s workforce hovers around the 100 mark and the company has just announced its accounts which show a £37m turnover and an overall profit of £6.7m.

“Since the COVID pandemic, we’ve taken the business forward so that it’s now stronger than ever,” said CPD Managing Director, Cathal. “We continue to build the firm in all areas. We’ve extended our range of products, we’ve opened a new arm to the business and we’ve acquired new sites, the latest being a £1.7m acquisition. We now have four sites across Teesside totalling 32 acres, nine workshops, and we’ve spent £150,000 on redeveloping our offices. We have no debt. Consequently, due to the expansion work, our predicted turnover for the next 12 months is likely to be around £50m but it means we now have firm, secure foundations upon which we can take CPD Bodies forward.”

CPD Bodies works with some of the biggest van companies in the UK including Enterprise, Northgate, Europcar, SIXT, Dawson Group and Ford Direct.

The core business for CPD Bodies is specialising in custombuilt vehicles which are designed to do a job.

“We’ve got a major marketing campaign coming up in 2024 as we aim to reach more end-users. The majority of our vehicle builds are for companies, but we’re now able to customise vehicles for small business and one-person operators. We can provide racking inside a van or install small compartments and drawers. It means that a single plumber or electrician can contact us and simply ask for the van interior to be designed and constructed in a customised way.

We’re also aiming to provide more vehicles to customers who want to go electric. Over the course of this year we’ve agreed to take 800 vehicles from Ford Direct and around 100 of them will be battery powered. This will be ideal for businesses who don’t do a lot of long distance work but mainly need a van which stops and starts on a regular basis, probably something like a delivery van in a built-up area. It will also suit tradespeople who, for example, start and finish each day from home and either head to one or multiple jobs not too far from their base.”

Cathal has also formed a new company called VanDemand. If you go onto the excellent website you can browse through the range of vehicles they have in stock or close to being ready. All of the VanDemand vehicles are brand new…there are no used vans. They can also help you with finance, offering monthly payments for up to seven years with flexible deposits.

You can call VanDemand on 0845 646 5646 or email

These are exciting times for Cathal and his team at CPD Bodies.

Do you need a custom-built vehicle which is designed to do a job? The best idea is to go onto their website www.cpdbodies. com where you’ll see details of their entire range and how they can help you. You’ll also spot their contact details.

CPD…a North East success story that’s building for the future.

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