Stepping Up To Help The Ceo’s And Entrepreneurs Of The North East

Issue 58

A North East based NED, CEO and Chairman with more than 20 years experience of leading business has pledged to continue his fundamental work in the region, to make sure that leaders of SME’s, senior executives and other entrepreneurs aren’t left out in the cold during the outbreak of COVID-19.

Andrew Marsh has led a number of multi-million pound businesses to success and has a particular skill in transforming and scaling companies, creating sustainable growth.

Having recognised how lonely it is at the top, Andrew has now created and launched a series of zoom meetings, offering three opportunities a week to get involved and find action orientated support.

Ranging from COVID Cobra meetings on a Monday at 5pm looking at how our businesses are affected through to more relaxed discussion sessions on a Thursday evening and a Tuesday morning, there is something to suit every diary and need. The peer group is based on a invitational basis, and anyone interested should get in touch with Andrew to discuss joining.

Andrew, who runs a number of his business interests through Marsh Business Transformation and is also a chair of Vistage in the region, said:

“Certain ways of working can be lonely at the best of times, but with the current situation, many business people could start to feel very isolated and alone. I therefore wanted to reach out and create a community of support, with a free online peer group based upon the Vistage principles of support. This is very focused on driving action, rather than talking shop.

“Many of those attending will benefit from advice and others will enjoy a clear and focused leadership session, motivating them to action ideas. Some will relish the opportunity to brainstorm and others will find a new way to tap into the expertise of experts that are new to them, for free. Special speakers will give inspiring and motivational 60 minute sessions looking at business in the future, beyond the current restrictive conditions.

“The ultimate aim is that the access to other similar minded career peers will help reduce stress and anxiety, and I simply see it as bringing talent together to do my ongoing bit for local business. If you are affected by the crisis, and want to create action rather than moan about it then get in touch and I will advise which of the groups is best for you.”

On the first session last Monday over 40 of the region’s leading business minds met, and discussed announcements from the government on the financial help and support available to the range of businesses online. Moving on the subject matters will be more focused on recovery.

Andrew, who is offering this opportunity as a pre-curser so people can gain the value of being a Vistage member, concluded:

“The long term goal of this endeavour is that people will develop working relationships that will remain long past the current crisis. I am offering this opportunity free for three months, at the end of which people can decide whether to join or to leave.

“The North East has a pool of extremely talented executives and leaders. I hope they will continue to support each other and find ways to work together to ensure that the business community of the region builds a robust future, out of what are trying times.”

To get further information on how to join, or to discuss positive support that you could offer the group, please contact Andrew on 07557 976410 or email him on

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