Sean Mccann & Northern Gas And Power Ltd

Issue 39

A company's culture, particularly during its early years, is inevitably tied to the personality, background, and values of its founder or founders, as well as their vision for the future of the organization and Northern Gas & Power is no different. Culture is so hard to change once it has been established: It is shaped in the early days of a company's history. When Sean joined NGP, he was determined to set realistic goals for the company, and organise the structure set-up. He was determined to work with the Directors to find the solution to developing a sound and convincing method of creating an energy management consultancy and procurement specialist that combines a global reach and buying power with a local attention to detail from all of our team.

The core values we have instilled in Northern Gas and Power can still be observed in the current company’s devotion to being number one in the country and making a real difference to the environment. Sean explains, “The energy market in this day and age has become so competitive, as energy becomes more and more crucial to the everyday running of businesses large and small.

Our bureau services have been developed so that we are able to look after the details so that our clients can focus more resources on their core business operations.

We want our clients to be able to work in partnership with us to reduce energy consumption and their carbon footprint. Helping to bring energy costs, use, and management under ultimate control. We want to make an unexpected and significant difference to businesses as a whole. As a market leading consultancy in energy, that’s exactly what we’re in business to deliver”.

After starting in a small office in South Shields, and dealing with smaller companies, since 2015 we have procured over 11,476,607,093 KWh and saved our clients over £173,457,588.662. With intelligent procurement and reduction of energy usage, we are making a huge difference.

We are now a global force to be reckoned with. I am extremely proud of our team’s achievements to date, and for our Energy Management System having been short-listed for Product of the year at the National Energy Efficiency Awards. 2018 is going to be our biggest year to date and we have so many exciting events on the horizon. We consider our team as family, and family come first. On the 16/08/2018 we were voted by Glassdoor the highest rated company to work for work/life balance 2018″. This is an insight into how we value our team, and the incentives we constantly put into place will continue.

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