Count Every Drop - The Key To Saving Water

Issue 74

The environment is everyone's business. However' we can all be guilty of thinking that it's too big an issue to be solved by individual action.

While the headlines are full of facts and figures about climate change and global warming’ as individuals we can often feel that our small steps can have no real impact. But that’s not true’ argues Josh Gill’ CEO of the Everflow Group; small steps all add up’ and he’s on a mission to prove it. At Everflow’ water is quite literally our business. The group is comprised of ethical water retailer Everflow Water’ which is committed to lowering customers’ bills’ and Everflow Tech’ the company behind the tech that enables us to do just that. And’ as the fastest growing water supplier to nonhousehold customers’ water efficiency matters to us. We care about the long-term sustainability of the water supply’ and about helping our customers keep their costs down.

A personal approach

However’ while we’re all aware of the issues surrounding water efficiency on a wider scale’ I was curious to find out how many members of the team were conscious of it on a more personal level.

That’s why’ during September’s Great Big Green Week’ I launched #100Pledges’ to encourage each and every member of staff to commit to at least one small water-saving action.

Options included guaranteeing to turn the tap off when brushing their teeth’ sticking to a fiveminute shower and only watering the lawn or outdoor plants in the evening – although this one was a moot point by the time it came around.

I want to highlight the power we all have’ as individuals’ to each play our part. On their own’ each of these actions may seem insignificant’ but taken together’ they’ll have a major impact. To borrow a water analogy’ I like to think of it as a dripping tap; while each drop may seem small’ it’s startling how quickly these individual drops’ working together’ can fill a bath. And speaking of dripping taps… Seemingly minor issues’ such as leaking toilets’ inefficient appliances and’ yes’ dripping taps are responsible for a phenomenal amount of water wastage. Just one drip per second can add up to more than 80 litres of water down the drain in just a day. That’s why the Everflow Water team are always looking out for any anomalies in our customers’ water usage – and why smart meters are so valuable in the fight against wastage. Fixing a small leak can have a big impact on both bills and usage’ and so should never be ignored. Working together Even away from saving water’ all businesses can work to make sure they are as sustainable as possible. Measures such as taking fewer car journeys’ turning lights and computers off’ and recycling as much as you can are things every business should be working into its daily operations. If you own your own premises’ there are grants available to make sure the building is as energy efficient as possible.

Appliances such as dual-flush toilets’ push-button taps and water coolers can all reduce water usage among staff too.

Spreading the word

Water efficiency is all about maximising the benefit from every unit of water used. By taking steps to reduce our water wastage’ we can each play a part in using water more efficiently’ and limit the water stress experienced across the globe’ as well as saving money along the way. Our #100Pledges are a great start. But what would really make a huge difference is if everyone did it.

If more businesses encouraged their teams to play their part at home too (we’re offering incentives for the pledges made)’ then the results could be astounding.

That’s why I’m urging business leaders across the country to join with their own 100 pledges and make sure they count every drop.

We’ve launched the hashtag #100Pledges to encourage staff across our sites in Wynyard and Warwickshire to get involved and share their pledges’ and we’d love to see it spread. It’s time for everyone to count every drop.

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