Recruitment Spells Pr!

Issue 47

OK, this is a brazen attempt to let the world know that owing to numerous client wins, Karol is hiring again!

Once upon a time, when you wanted to hire new talent, you’d probably advertise in your local newspaper or, maybe, you’d approach a specialist recruiter for help.

You probably wouldn’t be thinking that it should be used as a blatant opportunity to promote your business. But here it is, I am.

Of course, my primary aim is to find the perfect candidates, the right employees. Business flourishes on talent. We all know that.

But, to get the best, you must attract the best. And, the best want to work for, and with, the best.

So, any recruitment drive needs to stand out from the crowd, to demonstrate success and to show why your business is special. It should break new ground and be a magnet, attracting not just employees, but curiosity from those who might have an interest in your business…those who might be interested in working with you.

Or perhaps, just those who might tell others of your success.

It should not be just an advertisement. Rather, it should be part of your overall communication strategy where your wider comms efforts contribute to making your business the hottest employer in town.

At the time of writing, just a few days after posting “Jobs up 4 Grabs” on LinkedIn, we’ve had a wave of interest, not just from potential employees, but from influential individuals and companies we’d love to work with. People I’d never have imagined, have contacted us congratulating Karol on the company’s growth and expansion.

That’s good PR by anyone’s standards.

More importantly, we’ve already received a surge in applications. Not from candidates who are unsuited job hopefuls, but from skilled, talented and experienced journalists, public relations and marketing specialists who will, I’m sure, add value to our clients. And, we’re still looking for more!

Why? Because we have lots of fresh, new ideas for our clients that need clever, creative people to deliver them.

We are the most awarded agency in the North for a jolly good reason. We look at where our clients are today and, where they would like to be in a years’ time, and then we put together campaigns that are often anything but ordinary. We get results and have consistently done so for decades. We are team Karol.

If you are still reading this article, and you would love to develop your skills, to push the boundaries of accepted marcomms practice, to help your clients really stand out in a way that wins them more business, then please get in touch.

I can be reached at Whether you are a prospective employee or client, I’ve love to hear from you, and who knows, I might just be writing about our success (yours and ours) in the next issue of Northern Insight.

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