Tolu Supports Sunshine Fund

Issue 35

Tolu A Akinyemi, successful author of Dead Lions Don't Roar, has chosen to support The Sunshine Fund by donating a percentage of proceeds from his new book to the charity.

Unravel Your Hidden Gems is Tolu’s second book, and it is a collection of inspirational and motivational short essays from the heart of the acclaimed author.

It is a study on life, encouraging people to succeed at what they feel is important to their own happiness. Be it private life, business, religion, friendship, love, each part of life is discovered. It is particularly reflective of the lives of all the amazing people and families associated with The Sunshine Fund.

As well as making a donation, Tolu has also pledged time to work with the families, encouraging them to release their own creative side in a fundraising workshop.

He will also be supporting Amy Whyte of Gordon Brown Law, who is also a trustee of the charity, at events she is holding in the coming months, as part of her bid to raise funds by trekking through Kerala, India.

From his last book, Tolu successfully donated £1000 to Age UK Northumberland’s friendship line campaign, and he is hopefully this venture will be even more successful.

He said: “Family is all important to me and children need nurturing and supporting. The Sunshine Fund does an amazing job of that with their special families and little ones so I was keen to be involved. The theme of the book fits so well with their everyday struggles and how brave they are not to lose sight of what is important. Love, family and being yourself, realising your own abilities whatever they may be and enjoying life!”

This mind-altering life bible can be read as a whole or visited in snippets for day-to-day inspiration. Each verse examines and highlights challenges in life and how to succeed in enjoying life with grace.

A self-help paperback with a refreshing difference, the book is a totality of life’s journey reminding us we are here on a temporary basis and that it is our duty to not hide in obscurity but to Unravel Your Hidden Gems before it is too late! Pure Inspiration!

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