The Artist's Year - By Mary Ann Rogers

Issue 89

One of the early signs of spring here at Leam Cottage is the appearance of snowdrops and aconites under trees, on the banks and pathways also clumps on the lawn under the washing line to dodge around.

Pure white and perfectly formed. None of the fancy frilly varieties here, just simple three petals with a single petticoat, marked with fresh green crescents.

The otter obsession continues daily. Now we have a trail camera, we have been leaving it in suitable spots by the river every evening, but although the otter sightings continue, we have yet to capture any action on the camera. The only things we have on film are one rook and a fleeting night-time view of a fox.

The hills and fields are currently full of plump pregnant ewes, who are fed daily to ensure they are fit and healthy enough to bring forth and feed healthy lambs very soon. The markings on the rump of the sheep in the closest field indicate that they are expecting twins. For the non-initiated, all the ewes are scanned in November so that the twins are put on the best grazing and fed extra.

Taking advantage of this relatively quiet time, the studio and gallery have been completely repainted, for the first time since it was built in 2006/7. I had misjudged how much work would be involved, and it’s been a bit like moving house, then back into the same one.

Pop in and browse the new paintings while taking in the distant aroma of fresh paint!

Gallery open…Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 10am-4pm also Sun 2-5pm

Mary Ann Rogers Gallery, West Woodburn, Hexham NE48 2SE

(clearly signed) • 01434 270216

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