In Conversation With...matt Lapinskas

Issue 97

Playing Peter Pan at Tyne Theatre & Opera House this festive period, Matt talks to Jackie Marston about what to expect!

This month you will be starring as Peter Pan in Tyne Theatre & Opera House’s pantomime of Peter Pan, what is the character like to play?

It’s a fun, energetic and iconic role, so I am really going to love it.

Having performed in a Peter Pan pantomime last year, what are you looking forward to for returning to the role for a new run?

Ooooh, the flying, definitely. This is what sets this production aside from all others. I also love to hear the excitement and magic that this show brings.

What do you enjoy most about performing in pantomimes?

I love the fact that they are family traditions for many people and something that you take to adulthood yourself, before creating the same types of memories for your own children.

How do you find the experience of interacting with a pantomime audience?

You can’t beat the interaction, whether you’re playing a goodie or a baddie, it’s always great to hear the audience get involved. It’s often the first experience of theatre for a child going to a panto, so it’s our job to make it extra special.

You have a diverse background in acting, including television, theatre and even ice skating! How has your past experience influenced your approach to playing Peter Pan on stage?

I trained at Italia Conti drama school in London, where they teach you lots of different things. But you know, over the years, I think as an actor you grow, you’re always learning from each different show you do, over the years I’ve done EastEnders, but last year I was in Hollyoaks. I’ve done shows in the West End, and I’ve done touring plays, so everything that you’re doing sort of trained you and then you can tap into different things. Every show that you do prepares you for your next role, and you can always tap back into something.

What are some of your favourite memories from your time as Anthony Moon in EastEnders?

My memories came to life when I saw all the famous characters on set that I’d spent my entire life watching on TV. Sharing the stage with legends like Shane Richie and David Essex was an eye-opener and a real privilege.

How did you find the experience being a contestant on Series 8 of Dancing on Ice and how was it reaching the Final?

In a word, awesome. I still skate now, when I can, as it’s a skill I’d like to continue with. Skating the Bolero for Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean was monumental.

How do you like to spend your free time?

The gym, playing golf, dog walking, testing my skills at songwriting, spending time with friends and family and finally singing as much as I can.

Tickets are already selling fast, and start from just £16.50, so don’t miss the chance to be part of this adventure in Neverland. To book your tickets, call the Tyne Theatre and Opera House box office on 0844 249 1000 or visit

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