How Your Business Can Support The Tv And Film Industry

Issue 97

UK TV and film production continues to thrive, although recent studio strikes in the USA having some impact here and commissioning being down; the production of content for TV and film is still at a relatively high level.

If we look here in the North East; the screen industries continue to be on an upward trajectory catalysed by significant investment into the industry through North East Screen Industries Partnership (NESIP) delivery programme and the FulwellCain Crown Works Studio development in Sunderland.

But what is needed for the industry to continue to grow at the rate it needs to? Well, there’s the people working on set in front of the camera and behind the camera, there’s the people building the set, there’s the people in the office working through all the logistics, finances and research, and there’s the multitude of companies that are used to support all of these people to ensure that the production and filming runs as smoothly as possible. These supply chain companies range from equipment suppliers to post production houses, caterers to waste disposal companies, taxi drivers to prop firms. The list is vast and varied.

A key supplier based here in the North East is not only celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, but have won plenty of exciting business over the past year. Focus Canning started in a bedroom of Co-Founder, Jamie Hutchinson’s parents’ house and today, it is an award-winning camera supplier with a rich credit history suppling some of the nation’s hit TV shows including Peaky Blinders, Boiling Point, Man like Mobeen and Little Birds. As well as supporting the regional economy and driving the development of the screen industries here in the North East, Focus Canning pride themselves on delivering quality and getting the ‘little big things’ right, earning the respect and trust from many production companies. They are also helping North East Screen nurture and inspire the next generation of camera operators through the North East Crew Academy. Recently 13 Academy members attended a workshop at Focus Canning’s northern base in Newcastle providing them with hands-on experience industry standard equipment. There will be further opportunities with Focus Canning as the partnership between them and North East Screen grows and develops.

Another business providing a service to the screen industry who is having impact nationally is The Church Post, a post-production house based in Newcastle. The business has made huge strides over the past year with recent credits including North East-based BBC comedy short, Where it Ends by Tiger Aspect, and Channel 5’s hit drama, The Inheritance, by Lonesome Pine Productions. They have also been nominated for an Industry Makers and Shakers Award in the ‘Initiative to Grow Local Industry’.

Both of these companies are key drivers to the growth of the screen industries here in the North East. Not only are they providing aspiration to other screen industry companies and sustainable job opportunities to those looking to work in the industry and continue to live in the region, but they also highlight that top North East industry talent are global business winners.

If you want to find out more about how your business can support the film and TV industry, get in touch with the North East Screen talent and business development team at

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