Culture Club

Issue 71

JASON KNIGHTS Managing Director of Blue Kangaroo Design

Who is your favourite author and why? I’m not a huge reader but I do like to listen to an audio book especially when I’m driving to meetings around the country. Recently I have been listening to Stephen Fry and I’m amazed at some of the subjects that I find fascinating that I never thought I would. I guess it’s the way he tells the story. I also love business books and my favourite now is “Let my people go surfing” by Yvon Chouinard. What would be your three Desert Island Discs? The Righteous Bros – Unchained Melody. Whenever I hear this song, it brings back so many good memories of my dad who we sadly lost 21 years ago. ACDC – Thunderstruck. I’m a big ACDC fan and this song always cheers me up. The beat is so motivating it never fails. Elton John – Tiny Dancer. This is a song that stops me in my tracks as it is so well written and melodic. Who is your favourite film star and why? Anthony Hopkins is the only actor that has truly frightened me in a movie. His acting skills in the Silence of the Lambs film is so believable that sometimes I wonder if he is acting or if he really is a crazed serial killer. What are your top three films? I’m very lucky to work with some of the top brands in the movie industry and one of them is Lucas Films. Star Wars was a big family favourite even before Blue Kangaroo began working with them on some of their designs but now it has even more personal appeal. Where Eagles Dare – Whenever this comes on, I watch it and have done since I was young. I remember watching it when I lived in Germany as a child at the army camp’s Saturday film club and have loved it ever since. Hot Fuzz – What’s not to love about it? I once spent a lovely half hour in an airport chatting with its star Nick Frost. Which poem left a lasting impression on you? For the fallen by Laurence Binyon – As well as my dad, mum and brother, I served in the British Army. So, this poem means a huge amount to me as I remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. What box sets have you enjoyed? I love a good box set and can often binge watch them. In the past I have really enjoyed Ozark, The Sopranos, Band of Brothers, Manhunter and if my wife fancies a romantic night in she likes The Walking Dead. Who is your favourite artist or performer? I have a wide range of musical taste, but If I had the choice to go and see any of them live it would be Elbow. What is your favourite venue? Alexandra Palace in London is an amazing venue steeped in history. It has great architecture and is known as the birthplace of television. From the first BBC broadcast in 1935, we now have 24/7 TV and on demand services like Netflix which I am very proud to work with. Which musical instrument do you particularly enjoy? The Triangle! I have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever. If I had to learn to play a particular instrument it would be the violin. I think it sounds wonderful once the player is past the practise stage! From the world of Arts and Culture who would be your ideal dinner party guests There are a few people that I would invite. Aretha Franklin’s music is groundbreaking and I’d ask her about her life as the “Queen of Soul.” I mentioned Stephen Fry earlier and I’d really appreciate his intelligence and high IQ. Morgan Freeman has a fantastic voice and has been in some great movies and I bet he would have lots of tales to tell while George Lucas could share some of his creativity and movie expertise. Lastly, working with the Walt Disney Company, I’d love to invite Walt Disney himself to dinner. I feel that he was way ahead of his time and that sometimes his genius has been overlooked.

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