Review Of Soulful Meditation

Issue 86

There is a new anthology available for poetry enthusiasts, released by Abiodun Felix Taiwo, an illustrious Nigerian entrepreneur who studied Business Development at Leeds Beckett University.

Here, Michael Grahamslaw, owner and editor of Northern Insight magazine, reviews the collection.

“Poetry is very much making a revival with many people turning to the pen, including entrepreneurs and business people looking for a place to air their creativity.

“Taiwo is no exception. With an impressive career, the poet wanted to create something that would speak to people’s souls in a way that was more profound the everyday hustle and bustle.

“I opened the book and starting with the introduction, I learnt more about why Taiwo wrote the anthology and what his aim was…. Not wanting to spoil that part for you readers, I’m going to let you experience it for yourself, but all I can say is it made me keen to read on and absorb myself in the prose.

“A Curious Thing is the first poem that I stopped to read twice. When followed by Inside My Head, the pair make a powerful impact.

“The poems are quick, to the point messages, clear language, and loaded with meaning. Moving through human anatomy, human spirit, religion, and the philosophy of life, the collection is alluring, enjoyable and you find yourself submersed in the beauty of the words

“However, I found that the collection is alliterated with the odd jarring poem that seems at odds with the running themes. If this is unintentional, then it is a shame. But if it is an intentional move to make the reader intake breath, compose themselves and continue then it is actually quite effective. The first example of this is Stuck.

“My favourite musings are Caged Animal, Wide Awake and Life is A Journey. All three of these resonated with me massively and are powerful commentaries on living life.

“Being Yourself is a brilliant piece of work that should be used to educate children… wonderful sentiment, strong message and great writing.

“A new collection well worth adding to your kindle or bookshelf.”

Soulful Meditations is a collection of poetry that explores the depths of the human heart. This collection is a journey into the soul, with each poem taking you to a deeper level of awareness. It encourages you to look within yourself and see what lies there. It invites you to explore your inner world and find peace within yourself. 

It is available to buy on Amazon.

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