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Issue 79

You’ve probably heard the saying…’Jack of all trades, master of none.’ That applies to many recruitment agencies because they promise to find you the perfect candidate no matter what the job title or job requirements. The problem is that if you are looking for a candidate with a particular skill or experience in a specialist area, you may end up with an agency that doesn’t understand what you’re looking for. They’ve dabbled in a bit of everything and don’t have an indepth knowledge of the field in which you work. Take IT for example. The number of specialist areas within IT seems to increase regularly. It’s a complicated discipline. Most roles need to have a degree of understanding which can range from basic to seriously advanced. So, if you have an IT vacancy, wouldn’t it be handy to use an agency that speaks your IT language and won’t be bamboozled by specific requirements? Thankfully there is such an IT specialist recruitment agency, and they’re based in Newcastle. Newcastle IT Recruit Ltd. “Our aim is to help companies identify their IT requirements and find the right person with the right IT requirements for the right IT position,” says company founder, Kristoffer Galloway. “Whether you want a permanent, freelance, contract or flexible part-time role filling, we support businesses along every step of the way. We also help people find jobs in IT. ” Kristoffer has spent over 20 years across the IT sector in industries such as banking, utilities, FMCG and social services, and worked with well-known tech companies. He won’t be flummoxed by requests to find someone with a specialist talent or someone who can cover a variety of roles. “We’re seeing IT roles merging across different skill sets to enable tasks to be completed by one person rather than multiple teams,” adds Kristoffer. “For example IT staff are taking on new challenges to incorporate climate change and study how a company can become carbon neutral or use latest technology to save energy. The workplace has also changed. Some companies operate hybrid working where staff can either work from home or only call into the workplace on an odd occasion. Some people prefer this and may decide to leave a firm if hybrid working isn’t introduced. And of course staff no longer need to live close to where they work. It means companies have a national pool of talent to dip into rather than one which is local or regional.” Which is where Newcastle IT Recruit can help because they have national contacts. They’re also a firm which doesn’t find a candidate and, if successful, leave that person to fend for themselves. They work closely with the firm they’ll be joining to ensure that the recruit hits the ground running because they’ll already have an understanding of their job, what it entails and what their line of command is. Newcastle IT Recruit call it ‘on-boarding.’ “We train recruits so they know exactly what to expect. We help the company to be ready for a new recruit. The recruit is then comfortable, familiar with the company they’re joining and understand what they’re doing and what is expected of them. Most new recruits know whether they’ve made the right decision about the company they’ve joined within a couple of months. Consequently it’s much better if the recruit is fully prepared and the company is ready to welcome them. There are no surprises. I know how the candidate and the company feel because I’ve been in both situations. I explain to recruits how I started in IT and what my progression was. When they realise I’ve had a foot in both camps they take confidence from whatever I tell them. We also tailor everything individually. We don’t do anything ‘off the shelf.” Kristoffer has gone one step further to give candidates and clients additional reassurance by being fully ISO 9001 compliant. In other words, they do things the right way. “We’ve developed our careers page (careers.newcastleitrecruit. com) to help candidates with FAQs and for clients to learn about me and about us as a company. We’ve invested in the latest software for CRM/ATS to help manage data streams. This keeps clients and candidates up to date along every step of the recruitment journey.” So, do you need help in either recruiting someone or finding a job in the world of IT? The best idea is to visit the website, where you’ll find full contact details and a clear explanation of what Newcastle IT Recruit do and how they do it. Sort IT recruitment with the IT recruitment experts.

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