Agilico Unveils Innovation Day At New Purpose-built Facility In Team Valley, With Mayor Of Gateshead Visit

Issue 95

Agilico, a leading provider of workplace technology and telecoms solutions, conducted its latest Innovation Day, which presented the business with the opportunity to also officially open its new facility in Team Valley, Gateshead, which it had moved into just over a month ago.

The official opening of the new Team Valley office on October 18, 2023, allowed Agilico to invite colleagues, clients, and partners to witness their commitment to future growth, sustainability, and collaboration.

The state-of-the-art, purpose-built office facility was set to reshape the company’s operations, enhance sustainability, and foster greater collaboration among its teams.

In a visionary move that underlines Agilico’s dedication to sustainability and regional growth, the new facility combined two separate offices into one modern, energy-efficient building. The decision aligns with the company’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact and creating a more sustainable future for Gateshead.

The Mayor of Gateshead, Councillor Eileen McMaster, who attended the Innovation Day, expressed her enthusiasm for the project. She said: “It was fantastic to attend this Innovation Day to see first-hand, not only this great facility, purpose-built for Agilico, and which clearly demonstrates their commitment to sustainability in Gateshead, but also to hear more about how they were supporting other businesses with innovative solutions that help to fight climate change. It is crucial that we all think about ways we can be more eco-conscious, and I am proud that businesses, such as Agilico, based here in Gateshead, have fully committed to doing this.”

The 20,000 sq. foot facility is designed to maximise efficiency and productivity, providing an exceptional working environment for Agilico’s employees. Moreover, Agilico had invested in cutting-edge technology to measure and monitor energy consumption, in line with their commitment to ISO 14001 standards and their pursuit of achieving net-zero emissions.

Warren Colby heads up the entire northern operation, including offices in the Midlands, Manchester, York, and Gateshead and explained the significance of this move, stating: “Not only is this new facility a more energy-efficient, economical, brighter building for us, but it combined two sites. We consolidated operations and are developing working synergies, as well as fostering that all-important sense of collaboration.

“We are unapologetically proud of our approach and innovation in sustainability and people, and the Innovation Day presented us with the opportunity for our community to see it in action for themselves.”

The consolidated office space initially accommodates approximately 70 employees across various departments, including finance, sales, IT and telecoms support, engineering, human resources, account management, and business development teams. This move aims to encourage better communication and collaboration among different teams, fostering a more united and efficient workforce.

Agilico’s investment extends beyond infrastructure; it demonstrates their commitment to creating job opportunities and contributing to the local community’s growth. The company is actively seeking talent to fill roles in business development, finance, account management, and support engineering.

Mark Bryce, Sales Director, added, “We’re looking for individuals who share our passion for technology and sustainability. This move opened up exciting possibilities for career growth and development in the North East.”

This remarkable development marked a significant step forward for Agilico, positioning them as a leader in sustainable business practices and regional growth.

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