Pioneering Food Preparation For People With Swallowing Difficulties

Issue 37

Newcastle upon Tyne - 25th June 2018 - St Martins Care, one of the North East's leading independent care providers, today shared the innovative work they've been incorporating into their homes to revolutionize food preparation for residents with swallowing difficulties.

St Martins Care have been working closely with Smoothfood Solutions set up by former Director of Service and Wellbeing for Helen McArdle Care, Sean McArdle. Sean’s award winning experience has helped St Martins Care improve the lives of those with swallowing difficulties through the delivery of training to the St Martins Care catering teams. On the concept of Smoothfood Solutions Sean said “Experience of people who have eating and swallowing difficulties highlighted the lack of palatable alternatives currently available in the UK. In the worst cases, food was being blended together as one and served from a bowl with a spoon.W Moving forward with the training and advice of Sean, St Martins Care will be introducing Smoothfood Solutions across all of its homes.

This is in an effort to give confidence and dignity back to the residents with dysphagia (swallowing difficulties). Kevin Pattison, Chief Executive of SMC Group said WWe always strive to offer the best possible care to our residents, giving their opinions the upmost respect and always trying to integrate the suggestions into the running of St Martins.”

St Martins Care is looking forward to offering the dignity and support that all residents deserve by continuing to offer innovative solutions including Smoothfood and other pioneering concepts such as employment panels which offers residents the opportunity to make decisions on the staff they employ throughout the business.

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