Many Don't Know How Mortgage Advice Could Benefit Them

Issue 49

Throughout my many years in the Mortgage industry I have had the pleasure of supporting thousands of people in purchasing their first homes, dream homes or investment properties.

Many of these people have been recommended to us by their friends or family or come across our advertising or branding. Some have sought out specialist mortgage advice and found our services, however, there are still many people who are not even aware that mortgage advice exists.

It was recently reported by Legal & General that 31% of borrowers who go direct to a lender didn’t know how a mortgage adviser could support them in their search. The research also found that 60% of people who didn’t seek advice when they took out their last mortgage didn’t know mortgage advisers were there to help them.

Purchasing a property is one of the most significant commitments that most people will make within a lifetime. Making the right decisions could go as far as impacting other aspects of your life, including the ability to expand a family, influence career decisions or retirement plans. It is vital that everyone has access to the opportunities which mortgage advisers provide to ensure the best decisions are made.

Industry experts have access to thousands of deals which aren’t available directly from lenders to consumers. Twenty7Tec recently reported that deals available through advisers totalled almost 12,000 – whereas lenders could only offer customers just over 2,000.

The advice which a dedicated mortgage adviser provides could prove to be worth thousands of pounds over the term of a person’s agreement. This could ultimately damage the possibility of moving up the property ladder or the amount of equity which those have within their property.

The Bradley Hall Mortgages team not only unlocks the best deal for the consumer, we manage the application stage on behalf of the client, taking them through it step-by-step to ensure the process is as stress-free as possible. We take all personal information including credit history, deposit size, preferred monthly repayments and pair you with a bespoke solution

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