Joiner Dovetails Woodworking With Mindfulness

Issue 103

Chris Garvey, who runs CG Joinery and Building in Bedlington, has embarked on a new venture to address the critical need for education among young children on the power of a positive mindset.

His unusual deviation from his day job came after Chris took a personal journey of self-discovery through mental and physical challenges to help create a more confident and resilient version of himself. He recognised the lack of resources available for children to develop their mental resilience and self-confidence. In response, he has incorporated Wolf Instinct Mindset, and within this business he has written a book and organised outdoor challenges aimed at fostering self-belief and resilience in young people. He is also creating a community and podcast all with the intention of educating parents on the power of a positive mindset and helping children forge a positive mindset.

“My daughter struggled with her mindset and mental health a few years ago; he explains. I searched for resources to help her but found a glaring gap in the market for education tailored to children to help them understand and create a positive mindset. That’s when I decided to leverage my own personal growth journey to create something impactful for kids. Looking ahead, I believe that the next huge pandemic on the horizon will be young people’s mental health and we must act now to prevent this happening.”

He has launched Wolf Instinct’s Alpha Outdoor Challenges, a programme that exposes children to challenges, takes them safely out of their comfort zone and encourages them to overcome fears through outdoor activities.

The challenges are conducted in a safe environment under the supervision of trained professionals, with an emphasis on building confidence and perseverance.

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